Call for Entries: Zhiyuan Library 2021 – International Charitable Architectural Design Competition for College Students

Zhiyuan Library 2021

hiyuan Library 2021 – International charitable architectural design competition for school students, is that the charitable project planning by Zhiyuan Charity. the most features of the competition are”charitable, college students and construction”, aiming at improving the sensible ability of school students, through the integrated realization of architectural design to deepening construction.

I. Project name

Zhiyuan Library 2021 – International charitable architectural design competition for school students

II. Project location

Yanyuan County Minority secondary school , Liangshan

III. Organizations and get in touch with information

Host: Zhiyuan Charity, Chengdu

Contact information

Enquiry E-mail:
Enquiry Hotline (Monday – Friday GMT+8 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00):+86 198 0285 6648

IV. Before Competition

Zhiyuan Library is that the charitable project supported by many sectors of community within the help of Sichuan Charity Federation. the planning Competition brings the diversified design concept within the school and therefore the developing areas, sharing the high-quality resources and supporting the tutorial poverty alleviation.


مسابقة التصميم المعماري الخيري

Wu Xianyong — The chairman and founding father of Zhiyuan Charity — received the Cyrus Tang Scholarship during his college years. Afterwards, delivering love and spreading charity become his new commission.


In 2018 and 2019, Wu Xianyong because the Secretary General of Xinyun Library initiated two “National university student Design Competitions”. The first-priced work has been inbuilt Xinyun library, located in Zhaoxuejue County, Liangshan, Sichuan Province and Xiaojin County, Aba, Sichuan Province. They were running smoothly and achieved positive social impact afterwards.

In 2020, Wu Xianyong because the chairman of Zhiyuan Charity initiated the primary Zhiyuan Library National College Students Public Building Design Competition, with a complete of quite 1000 participants, covering Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Kong Hong University, Catalan Institute of Advanced Architecture, London College, etc. nearly 200 well-know architectural universities round the world.

A total of 223 participated works, around 1 million website visits and 170,000 people participated in online voting. the ultimate project was located in Xiangyang secondary school , Santai County, Mianyang, Sichuan and it had been put into use in November of an equivalent year and served 1200 people. While broadening the horizons of scholars , the library also expanding the charity concept.

V. Competition Goals

Through the building construction and therefore the subsequent supplementary service, it’ll bring more diversified learning experience space in rural areas. the most features of the competition are charitable, college students and construction”, aiming at improving the sensible ability of school students, through the integrated realization of architectural design to deepening construction. At an equivalent time, we encourage college students to use their profession to serve the society and inherit the sunshine of public welfare supported the competition.

VI. Participates and Forms

Full-time students within the department of architecture, including undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in architecture, urban planning, landscape and environment art. Individual and group are all allowed, each group with 1-5 participates and 1-2 instructors.

VII. Design background in 2021

The site selection of Zhiyuan Library was proposed by Southwest University for Nationalities and managed by Zhiyuan Charity, coordinated and supported by Yanyuan county government and Yanyuan cultural tourism bureau, it had been implemented in Yanyuan County Minority secondary school . Nationality and regional culture are the individuality of the 2021 design competition.

Yanyuan county is found within the boundary between Sichuan and Yunnan. additionally to the Han nationality, there are 21 multi-ethnic populations including Yi, Bai and Naxi. Yanyuan County Minority secondary school is on the outskirts of the county, surrounded by ethnic group villages, it’s the core component of local education and culture.


Yanyuan County Minority secondary school is that the major boarding highschool with around 5000 students from Sichuan and Yunnan. The teachers enjoy teaching while the scholars love learning, in order that they always get high score within the area. the scholars are proficient in Yi language, local dialects and mandarin, they value their traditional festivals and embrace the edge-cutting technology and lifestyle.

Zhiyuan Library of Yanyuan County Minority secondary school are going to be a technological space with multiple knowledge experience supported VR, and it’ll further exhibit the regional culture of minority and become the inspiration to speak with the planet . Under the guidance of Sichuan Charity Federation and Southwest University for Nationalities, the 2021 design competition will keep it up the concepts — education poverty alleviation, culture, technology.


VIII. Design Concept

Design serves the village, Tech promotes the education.


IX. Design Requirements

It is required to style a library for public welfare in Yanyuan County Minority secondary school , Liangshan, with an architectural area no quite 50 square meters (area calculation consistent with the national regulations, and therefore the maximum height of the building is 6 meters (based on the building level zero). The architecture design and surrounding landscape design are both required.




The library site are often chosen within the project topographic map, the scope of landscape design, please ask the topographic map and therefore the reference digital twin model.


Architectural structure form is unlimited but the low-price and straightforward construction process is preferable. for instance , prefabricated steel structure and therefore the low-tech construction technique locally.

The participates aren’t only alleged to propose an inexpensive planning scheme consistent with the massing, structure, material, space and layout of the library, also consider the organic combination of architectural language and domestic culture and history.

In the design details, the book storage, reading, giving speech, the local culture exhibition and VR experience are all required to be taken into consideration and represented during a multi-functional interactive way.


X. Application and Review Procedure

Application: 19:00 8th May, 2021 – 24:00 8th Jun 2021
Submission: 12:00 8th Jul 2021
Preliminary Review: 11th Jul, 2021 – 18:00 20th Jul, 2021
Secondary Review & Online Voting: 23th Jul, 2021 – 18:00 3rd Aug, 2021
Final Review and results publication: 22nd Aug, 2021

Scan QR code to hitch the appliance process

Join QQ group to speak and acquire the competition information


XI. Awards

First prize (1 winner): 15,000 yuan (tax included) the chosen design are going to be assist intimately design and build up .
Second prize (2 winners): a prize of 10,000 yuan (tax included), a certificate of award, and extra scientific awards
Third prize (3 winners): a prize of 5,000 yuan (tax included), a certificate of award, and extra scientific awards
Outstanding Instructors Award: (3 people) a certificate of award.
Internet Popularity Award: (10 people) a certificate of award, and can tend the volunteer opportunity to hitch construction within the later stage.
Excellent Team Award: (several) certificates of awards.

XII. Jury Board

Chairman of the Jury:

Zhao Bin: Ph.D, Secretary of Party Committee within the School of Urban Planning and Architecture, Southwest University for Nationalities, and supervisor of the Master’s Program of Urban Planning and Management in Ethnic Regions, School of Urban Planning and Architecture

Invited Jury:

He Duoling: Independent artist. Representative of Chinese contemporary lyrical realism oil painting and representative of “Scar Art”. Forty years of artistic career, he has held solo exhibitions round the world and won numerous awards.

Members of the Jury:

PASCAL FLAMMER: He opened his office in 2005 and has been given a.o. Swiss Art Award, the Weissenhof Architecture Award or the simplest Family House Award. He has taught at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, the GSD at Harvard University , the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, at ETH in Zurich, at Princeton University School of Architecture and at the Oslo School of Architecture and style .

FRANCISCO MORALES RUBIO: A++ level architect of Valencia Polytechnic University, founder and chief designer of Sichuan Shell Morales Architectural Design Consulting Co.Ltd.

RUBEN BERGAMBAGT: The co-founder and partner at Superimpose Architecture. Achievements Master worthy at Technical University Delft within the Netherlands. As visiting critic in Oxford Brookes University and Tsinghua University. ARB&SBA.

Huang Huaihai: Vice Chief Architect of the world Fourth Design Institute of China Architecture Southwest Design and Research Institute

Li Bo: Associate Dean of faculty of Architecture and Art, Central South University, Master’s Supervisor, Doctor of Human Geography of Peking University, National Registered Urban Planner

Li Hu: Dean of faculty of Architecture, North China University of Water Resources and electrical power , National First-grade Registered Architect

Li Lixin: Associate Dean of faculty of Architecture, Xiamen University, Master Supervisor, National Grade One Registered Architect

Lin Zhenhao: founding father of PARA-PRAXIS, Graduated from School of Architecture, University of Sydney, Australia, Harvard University School of Design, U.S.

Lu Yun: Founder and lead architect of MUDA-Architects. Director of Zhiyuan Charity

Ning Yuan: Master of Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, Registered Architect within the UK, Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

Pan Weinan: Graduated from Department of Architecture, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Partner of PARA-PRAXISI.

Si Pengfei: Deputy Director of the Building Energy and Environmental Design research facility of China Southwest Architecture Design and Research Institute, Postdoctorate at Tsinghua University

Song Xiaoyu: academic degree in architectural design, Chairman and CEO of Sheencity (Chongqing) Technology Co.Ltd. Associate Director of Zhiyuan Charity

Wang Mangyuan: Master of Cambridge University , British Royal Registered Architect, Co-founder and Chief Architect of FAR Architects

Yang Haocheng: Graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture, Architect of China Architecture Southwest Design and Research Institute, Director of Zhiyuan Charity


XIII. Competition Instruction Open Courses

PART I – Competition background and overall introduction (Wu Xianyong, The chairman of Zhiyuan Charity, the founding father of Design Competition)
PART II – Competition site and style selection analysis (Yu Fan, The president of Zhiyuan Charity, the author of the project brief)
PART III – Case study and Interpretation — small-scale architecture and library public building design (Lin Lifeng, the co-founder and course director of RAC studio, the founding father of architecture studio LIN; Dual Degree Master of Architecture + Landscape, University of Pennsylvania)
PART IV – organisation host & jury representatives Q&A
PART V – the way to build up the 3D scenarios and output leads to ten minutes in Mars (Sheencity, recorded video)

Timesheet: 29th May (live), 5th Jun (recorded)
Live Platform
Designable :


XIV. Competition Rules


  1. Participants agree and abide by the content and rules of this competition notice;
  2. Participants must provide the ultimate electronic files of the drawings before the deadline for drawing submissions. The electronic drawings must not contain any text or patterns associated with the designer’s name,
  3. school or heat unit and people who don’t meet the wants are going to be disqualified from participating;
  4. The drawings and pictures involved within the entry must not infringe the copyright of others. If a dispute arises, the participant is fully responsible and can be disqualified from the competition;
  5. Online voting prohibits improper ticket swiping. Once discovered, the competition will be donated by the designer to Chengdu Zhiyuan Charity Service Center. Chengdu Zhiyuan Charity Service Center will not be used for commercial purposes. Both parties will sign a formal donation agreement to confirm.
  6. The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to the organisation.

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