22 degree villa design

In the design of the 22-degree villa, water served as a connecting element,

and water not only played a unifying role in the construction process when pouring concrete,

but also had a specific function in the way the villa is experienced and perceived.

The elegant geometric interplay of lines – in this villa with a leading role of concrete,

glass and wood – forms a symbiosis with the flowing waters of the swimming pool.

This alliance of the unshakable nature of concrete, the warm look of applied ash wood,

and flowing waters gives Villa 22 degrees a welcoming and homely feel.


22 degree villa design


Design Features

Nestled in a hill in the rustic landscape of the lush green grounds of the River Meuse,

the elongated design invites, offers security and offers a unique living experience with alternating privacy and transparency.

Nothing is standard in a 22 degree villa, almost everything is customized.

The name “Villa 22º” is inspired by the specific location of the building,

which is located on a slope of 22 degrees, purely by chance, that happens to be the house number 22.

During the construction of the villa, concrete was poured into place and all pipes and fittings were installed in these concrete slabs.

The potential of concrete as a building material and as a proud primary bearer of the building’s architectural identity

has been pushed to the limits, and the prominent balconies illustrate the tension that can be achieved with concrete.



Design shape

From the outside, the elegant villa appears to be an integral part of the hill it is designed in,

and anyone entering the villa will notice that the outdoors is never far away.

The surrounding nature is displayed from within through the windows,

and you find yourself inside but surrounded by a sense of nature.

The swimming pool, located on the second floor, can be seen from the living room,

almost like a large aquarium.

And due to the constant operation of the reflective light coming from the outside,

it looks like a living painting, which is constantly changing or by the addition of artificial light,

adding an exotic touch to the interior design experience.


22 degree villa design
22 degree villa design


Also, the interior is spacious and always offers amazing views of the outside or of the architectural details of the architecture itself.

Orientation had a logical structure, and the transition from room to room is accompanied by visual moments that do not require attention but are there for those who see them.

Stairs connect floors naturally, but they are also objects of visual expression in a distance.

The villa is defined by its contemplative character,

where one can look from the inside to the building inside and out at the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Also in the bedrooms, concrete almost exudes a silky feel,

not only is the constructive potential of concrete fully exploited,

but the aesthetic expression of the material is also subtly surfaced.

Alongside an eight-car basement garage, a wooden basement adds the sensual pleasure of smell to the architectural experience.

Building a 22º villa was certainly no ordinary feat.


22 degree villa design


Design period

The construction period took a year and a half, during which time the customization of rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms required expert craftsmanship.

Nothing is quite as it seems in Villa 22º, ample space is provided for the emotional expression of architecture by incorporating elegant geometry and warm and fluid elements.

As it is known, concrete becomes hardened by the addition of water,

and water provides strength and gives this design its unique character.

Not only does water play a leading role in this architecture, but also and above all in life itself,

this makes Villa 22º a villa for life, where elegant living and comfort play an essential role.


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