A space to experience common sense

A space to experience common sense

A space to experience common sense with trees
Mokyun Re is a project that interprets the “sensory experience” of wood as architecture, as opposed to the traditional wood culture center which only experiences wood culture. The atmosphere of the forest that changes in real time is presented as an architectural abstraction, such as sunlight falling through the leaves of the forest and sunlight falling on the ground large and small according to the movement of people as a result of the wind. This is to create a variety of levels of experience with wood by architecturally capturing the architectural experience that can be achieved in the woods. Architecturally the perimeter wall awakens the kinetic experience of the trees through the different situations through the communication between the interior and exterior of the architecture. In terms of design, the modern interpretation of traditional Korean architecture door sills is in harmony with the current state-of-the-art technology and the culture of traditional wooden architecture. (By Eun Joo Han, CEO of Soft Architecture Lab/Reporter Se-mi Park)




▲ space and space and space

the design
Eunjoo Han + Soft Architecture Lab

design manager
Han Eun Joo, Seo Byung Cheol, Jang Man Hee

your location
286 Munemi-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon (Incheon Grand Park)

Cultural and assembly facilities

Land area
524358.86 square meters (full garden)

building area
549.3 m 2

Total area
1,173.88 square meters

The second floor above the ground, the first floor underground

One car + use the current position

10.25 pm

Build to Cover Ratio

floor area ratio

Steel reinforced concrete structure

outer end
Pine board exposed to concrete

inner end
Eco-friendly enamel paint on gypsum board, reinforced floors and cypress square louver

Structural design
SDM Structural Engineer Office

Mechanical and electrical design
Hanil MC Co., Ltd.

design period
2015. 5. ~ 2016. 2.

Establishment period
2016. 2. ~ 2017. 1.

construction cost
2.7 billion won

Incheon Metropolitan City

landscape design

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