Architect’s plan, sketch, perspective… What are they used for?

Within the framework of its missions, the architect produces various types of graphic parts (plans, sketches, perspectives…) which accompany its customers in their reflexion and are used as basis of work to the contractor in charge of the work.


Architect’s plans: the graphic representation of a project

The plans of architect make it possible to represent graphically and technically a building, by taking into account the needs and desires of the owner (the customer), in order to highlight the characteristics of the project.


As the project progresses, the architect’s plans will be more and more precise, from freehand sketches to technical plans, passing by “standard” plans (level plans, massing plans, elevation plans, section plans…).


According to the project concerned, the architect can be brought to realize plans of the existing, also called “plans state of the places”, in order to have a working base to conceive the extension or the new installation to be realized. For that, the architect will have to move at your place to carry out the measurements. He can also delegate this mission to a surveyor.


In the framework of a request for a building permit for a construction project, renovation or extension of a building, know that the plans of an architect must be attached to the file.


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Standard architect’s plans

Ground plan

The ground plan allows to represent a project as a whole, seen from above, by integrating the limits of the ground, the various accesses, and possibly the neighboring buildings.


Level plan

The level plan is the most important plan in architecture. It is a top view that represents the different spaces and limits (walls, doors and windows) of a floor.


Elevation or facade plan

An elevation is the representation of a façade. It is the most common view to represent the exterior aspect of a house or building.


Sectional Plan

A sectional view represents a building cut in a vertical plane. In this view, each element cut by the plane is represented by a bold line.


Other graphic parts of an architect: sketch, 3D plan…


The sketch is a drawing or sketch made by the architect at the very beginning of an architectural project. It is the first graphic representation of the project.


Perspective or 3D plan

A perspective is a three-dimensional representation of a space or one of its elements that facilitates the understanding of the project.


As with other types of plans, 3D views or perspectives can have several levels of detail. The level of detail of a plan will depend on the time spent by the professional on its realization, and therefore the price you are willing to pay!


Atmosphere board

A mood board is intended to give you inspiration for your renovation. It will serve as a guide to keep a coherence between the different elements. A mood board is thematic and can be for a single room or an entire apartment.


A mood board generally includes:

  • color palettes
  • photos of other apartments
  • materials
  • furniture


Shopping list

A shopping list is a list of items you will need to purchase as part of your renovation, including paint, tiles, faucets, fixtures and furniture.


It usually includes:

  • The part number
  • Dimensions and weight, if relevant
  • Price
  • The store where to find the product.


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For a customized experience and technical drawings.

Technical plans

If you want a more complete mission from an architect, the latter can also provide you with technical plans and an execution file.


The execution file, includes all the documents, graphic, descriptive and normative, allowing the realization of the project. It will allow the companies to calculate precisely the cost of the works. In these documents, the materials, brands, and types of implementation will be specified.


Such work will require more time for the architect. Therefore, the prices will be higher than those asked for graphic parts alone.

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