Architecture and its relationship to photography

Architecture and its relationship to photography,

Architecture is closely related to photography, and they depend on each other,

as the first photograph ever taken focused on the frames of buildings.

And it took a whole room to produce the image through the dark camera.

At first, buildings were one of the few subjects that could remain stationary for 8 hours,

which it takes to copy the image on a light-sensitive medium.

However, architecture also relied on photography, and the buildings were large, slow, and immobile.

Without pictures it would be difficult to visit important buildings around the world,

so photographs can easily be shared as an alternative to buildings.


Architecture and its relationship to photography


But photographs are not real 1:1 images, so photographers have a lot of power when it comes to how they experience architecture.

Stewart Hicks has posted videos on You Tube that explore the deep and enduring stories of architecture in all their incredible glory.

Weekly videos and occasional live events analyze a wide range of topics related to the built environment

in order to increase their general understanding and advocate for its importance in shaping the world in which we live.

Stewart Hicks is an architectural design educator, who leads studios and lectures

as an associate professor at the University Of Illinois School Of Architecture at Chicago.

He also serves as Associate Dean in the School of Architecture, Design and the Arts and is the co-founder of the Design With Company practice.

Architecture and its relationship to photography

His work has received awards such as the Vanguard Design Registry of Architecture Award or the Young Architect’s Forum Award

and has been featured in exhibitions such as the Chicago Biennial of Architecture and Design Miami.

As well as at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tate Modern in London, his writing can also be found in the book he co-authored,

Misleading Tactics of Fit Calibration, published with the Graham Foundation, as well as articles in MONU, AIA Journal Manifest, Log, bracket.


Architecture and its relationship to photography



Architecture is much more than just creating a building, it is a form of art,

and it is also a way of expressing feelings and emotions.

All this in addition to the physical function and efficiency of the structure,

where the most beautifully designed buildings blur the line between construction and artwork.


Photography, like architecture, is more than just taking a picture, it aims to capture the interaction between light and physical form to convey a message.

The photographer strives to capture the mood and feeling of the moment to accurately capture what is in front of the lens.

Similar to architecture, photography is a process, beginning with the visualization of the structure taking into account the lighting conditions and the most important elements to focus on.

The data is then collected in the image itself, and then processed in the digital darkroom to obtain the final image.


Architecture and its relationship to photography


The relationship between photography and architecture

There is a relationship between architects and photographers,

and both are important to each other, it is difficult if not impossible to convey the beauty of the work of architects by explanation alone.

The famous saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”,

underscores the potency of the relationship between photography and architecture.

Photographs allow the viewer to imagine what is being explained and also allow to see it.

And if the architect is unable to display his work through photography, he stifles his access to the entire world.

The ability to share architectural work through photographs is also a powerful tool to drive growth and attract new clients to the company.

It would be good to think that photography played quite a small role in the way architecture developed.

It assures the world a vision and understanding that architects don’t just design buildings, they create works of art.

More education and understanding of what an architect does lead to an increased appreciation and desire for their service and expertise,

as architects continue to push the beauty and functionality of structures forward,

you can be sure that photographers will be there to capture each new creation.

Joe Hotle joined the team of architects as office coordinator and photographer in late September of 2017.

Over the past ten years, photography has been a growing passion for him,

and it has evolved from a mere hobby into something that takes a much bigger place in his life.


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