Ashore – Eco-sensitive pier design challenge

Ashore - Eco-sensitive pier design challenge | Ashore

Architecture Competition: Ashore – Eco-sensitive pier design challenge

pier is sometimes functional like a place to get on and off boats, or many times recreational like a viewpoint or an eating area, and this gives us an opportunity to rethink its environmental standing.

Can piers be more interactive than just being a means to get to the ocean? How can design help carry the subtle message of environmental awareness to the visitors? Can construction be capable of improving the condition of the existing environment? How will the aspects of functionality and aesthetics be managed to create a responsive design? 

Brief: Design an eco-sensitive pier that acts as a recreational sport and a viewpoint for the visitors. 

The construction is in an eco-sensitive area so the design must have no harmful effect on the site.

The design of the viewing tower at the end of the pier will stand as a symbol to address the stake of humankind in the ocean’s ecological balance. 

The relationship between the two entities – nature and humankind can be metaphorical or direct and these choices are left up to the participants to infer.

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