Bricks and cliffs bathroom accessory

الطوب والمنحدرات (ملحق حمام مدرسة الثانوية Seoya)
Bricks and cliffs bathroom accessory at Seoya Middle , High School located in Hapdeok, Chungcheongnam-do, surrounded by rice fields.
Fifteen years ago, while working on
remodeling dormitories, gymnasiums, private classrooms, and the main building, architect Lu-yeon and the president developed their relationship
by understanding each other well enough to become an illusory one.
The task he undertook this time was to expand
 toilets connected directly to each floor of the main building rather than the toilets in the separate building.
The only site where an extension was possible was
 ramp to the rear of the main building. Although it is an annex building behind the main building, he thought it would become a school landmark
because it is the first place you can see from the village and on the side of the road.
In front of the basement where the water tank and pump room were installed, there was a sufficient slope to remove it. This ramp was not removed, and the long concrete brick wall going down from the third floor was folded and turned into a sloping plinth. Thanks to the sloping, brick-clad platform, the block separated it and became special.
Pictures of bricks and cliffs bathroom accessory

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