Call for Ideas: 2020 Monument

In this competition we ask you to design a monument, architectural structure, piece of public art or new programme that questions the function of a monument in 2020 – Only 1 axonometry, absolute freedom of scale, site or program. You are asked to rethink the role of the monument nowadays and its function, interaction and responsibility towards its society / neighbours / users / visitors.

A monument can be a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a notable person, event or concept. The times are changing as are the ideals, which makes it necessary to re-evaluate the role of a monuments today.

Monuments are critical tools in shaping the values and identity of society. Most of what we know about many ancient cultures are through public monuments. The idols of the past that symbolized heroism and patriotism can become the symbols of racism, hatred, and violence. But in the current days, what is a monument? What in a moment like this means to have a monument? Which values, episodes or people are worth commemorating today and in which form?

2020 Monument aims to answer those questions with particular focus on the context of an inclusive society.

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