Caulk Chair is not a 3d printed furniture

3d printed furniture أثاث مطبوع ثلاثي الأبعاد

Caulk Chair (not a 3d printed furniture)

There are thousands of chairs in various sizes and creative shapes available nowadays. Caulk Chair is another creative interpretation of this furniture piece.

The chairs are made from offcut polystyrene which is carved and assembled into functional forms.

A caulking gun then lays beads of rubber sealant traditionally used in construction onto the polystyrene.

The caulked sealant of the Caulk Chair (3d printed furniture) is both functional and decorative

Structurally, the sealant creates a strong and flexible coating for the polystyrene transforming the chairs into durable furniture secondly the act of caulking sealant adds a decorative dimension creating a richly textured surface pattern where every movement of the caulk gun is visible like brushstrokes in a painting.

Cape Town-based architect Matthew Dasneves signed the project.

Over the years I have become as intrigued in the process of design as I am in the end product, and so for me, the steps taken from an initial thought to the final resolution are of great interest and an important space in which I try as much as I can to creatively explore in order to continually evolve as a designer.” said the designer.


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