Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy

The Cersaie Fair for Ceramics and Design is held in Italy, according to the latest trends in international design.

One of the most important features of ceramics is the bright colors and the enveloping atmosphere.

Ceramics, thanks to its versatility, fits perfectly with all interior and exterior styles,

as it wears colors and decorations to enhance the home and its spaces.

Ceramics also reasserts its immense value in the eyes of foreign sector professionals, making it more profitable than ever.

Like what happened at the Cersaie trade fair,

which brings together Italian and foreign companies and professionals.


Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy
Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy

Ceramic creativity in the international exhibition

Ceramic creativity, at the heart of an ever-evolving process,

aims to continuously improve technical and performance qualities,

as well as aesthetic and structural qualities.

The International Ceramic Fair offers the widest,

clearest and most convenient space for this highly flexible and adaptable material,

able to recreate any atmosphere for both public and private environments interested in design.

It is also possible to appreciate the various characteristics of ceramics, inside the exhibition, namely: shapes, surfaces, finishes and thickness.

In addition to the colors, decorations, applications and extension patterns in line with the latest trends in exterior and interior design.

Ceramic is an excellent element for enhancing interior spaces,

and has the ability to enhance rooms in a home, even with only individual elements.

To customize the design, not only individual tiles of contrasting formats and colors are used,

but also innovative laying patterns and their inclusion in cross-sectional compositional solutions.

Cersaie 2022 includes Città della Posa, a space dedicated exclusively to installation techniques for designers and installers.

In addition to training and updates as well as discussions between professionals, all focus on the 5 days of the fair.


Growth Opportunities for Professionals and Etisalat Network Comparison

Cersaie offers a unique opportunity to interact with international design professionals, producers,

contractors and retailers together in 5 days dedicated to modernization and professional growth.

This was achieved through direct knowledge of the latest aesthetic and design solutions.

The potential for mutual growth is rapid and intense,

thanks to the automatic creation of a business network of the best designers in the international market from 24 different countries.



The exhibition is also open to visitors from the private sector,

which provides the opportunity to touch the products on display.

Including ceramic tiles and accessories, seek professional advice and suggestions for home renovations or environmental restorations.

It is preferable to meet and discuss with the client the presentation of companies to understand the tastes and trends of the market.


Reason for choosing Cersaie

Presentation at Cersaie means entering into a context that opens the doors to the Italian and foreign market.

The concern for professionals and companies is not only to create a place of comparison,

where their network of contacts is strengthened, but also the field of training.

Seminars and updates that provide training credits are often scheduled for the full 5 days of the exhibition.

Cersaie is one of the few tangible exhibitions where the real work is still going on.


Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy
Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy


The potential for profitable pollution is also shown by the data.

Cersaie 2021 has received 62,943 Italians and foreigners.

Although it was a year when travel was kept to a minimum, professionals and visitors went to the fair,

in recognition of the quality and exclusivity of the exhibitors.


Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy
Cersaie Ceramics and Design Exhibition in Bologna Italy

Città della Posa for designers and installers

Cersaie dedicates a special space to the world of installation for designers, installers and retailers.

La Città Della Posa offers practical and theoretical insights into techniques and laying patterns, placing installers and producers of ceramic tiles at the center of attention.

This provides the opportunity to contact an association created specifically to meet the needs and curiosities of a legal nature.

You can also admire the best installers at work in Città della Posa, and also attend live performances.



It will be possible to discover new technologies or improve those already known,

but also to find answers to practical problems thanks to a comparison with professionals with proven experience in this field.

From design to installation and maintenance:

Within this space all steps are studied to improve installation techniques and the fixtures that can be created.


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