Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements

Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements,

To provide a sense of technology, Chinese architecture studio Atelier Tree has wrapped a Cyber ​​White Garden desk with whitewashed metallic elements in Beijing.

The interior space of the office is 800 square meters,

which blends the concept of ancient and modern in one medium.

The studio created a great sense of technology,

in a creation that concerned not only visual aesthetics,

but also the spatial characteristics of the site and the incorporation of the traditional garden experience into it.

Studio Atelier Tree interpreted human anxiety through pure white as a tale of darkness and neon,

and the true inspiration for combining technology and human tradition comes from an active dialogue

with the site towards the full realization of the owner’s quest.

By dealing with advertisements, films, and arts alongside media,

the client aspires to a streamlined, clean, functional and cozy office space within a tight budget.


Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements


Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements

While the site was too regular to be confined to a symmetrical central axis,

Atelier Tree cleverly conveyed the traditional garden experience in spatial hierarchy.

The master carving and overall organization of the public space nodes are used,

to make the everyday user themselves feel as if they are visiting a garden.

The designer defined and organized the spaces by distributing each desk function along the central axis,

while punctuating several spatial nodes in a zigzag progression to evoke images of the garden space.

An ascending pure white spiral installation was placed to guide people deeper,

and a groove of stripped bamboo was evoked with vertical lines crisscrossing different materials.

A multifunctional reception room has been executed featuring stunning corrugated metal panels and creamy polycarbonate panels.

Folding doors allow the space to be opened and closed,

making it flexible to accommodate daily receptions and salon gatherings in a timely manner.

Waiting and reception area

Once entering from the main entrance, visitors will find the main office through the entrance to the right of the landscape vestibule.

The pavilion’s concealed columns blend the space with its surroundings,

letting the luminous ceiling float above, extending upwards and subtly defining the space.

When entering it and looking back, visitors will find the landscape vestibule,

realizing the diverse landscape with the constant movement in the garden.


Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements


The garden as a public balcony

Behind the reception desk is a white translucent light box positioned in the central hub,

flanked by office areas on both sides that it shares as a meeting room.

A shaded circle is formed with the garden images at the top right,

a continuous ledge that vibrates with the open office as if the veranda were in a garden.

On one side is the desk, on the other is the light transmission wall that separates the meeting space,

while the floating eaves define the circulation area,

and together they form a hierarchy of dynamic and static spaces that comfort each other in a scene as the user moves around it.

The original load-bearing wall was designed as a stone structure,

which constrains the space and also contributes new inspiration,

the client’s needs led to the separation of different functional spaces.

Meanwhile, neatly arranged natural light poles on both sides and intertwined

with different levels of artificial lights make the space suitable for displaying photographs and artistic creations.

Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements

Passing through the ‘cave’ corridor, visitors arrive at a relatively small office area and,

unlike the open outdoor office area which is not without partition,

the interior office area is divided into smaller units with an emphasis on communication.

The conference room continues in the center with the central axis of the space while the space is divided by transparent glass,

in order to strengthen the overall visual connection by penetrating the vision on both sides.


Cyber White Garden Office Packaging Using White Elements


The surrounding balcony has hanging eaves,

matched with a transparent wall and an aesthetic embodiment of the lattice windows in the garden.

Atelier Tree provided a tour of the garden with subtly organized spaces,

while painting an electronic interface using unique shape and materials.

In the meantime, the cost has been reasonably controlled,

to create an efficient collaborative office space with human care,

conceiving the possibility of an entirely new expression of office space in dialogue with tradition,

nowadays very prevalent in a futuristic and technological sense.


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