Hyundai Motors Training Center

Hyundai Motors Training Center,

Hyundai Motors decided to build its Cheonan Global Education Center after demolishing the old training center facilities

and making it a suitable training space for Hyundai Motors mechanics.

This space is suitable for receiving practical training and lectures when new training is needed,

in order to launch a new car.

Hyundai Motor’s current Cheonstability Training Center consists of five buildings,

and has required new facilities such as lack of training space, reduced ceiling height,

reduced efficiency due to aging facilities and buildings, and inconvenience of commuting between exercises due to the separate building configuration.

There was also a need to shift from local service maintenance technology training to more global training in sales,

product customer response, and maintenance services.

The training building, the teaching building, the lecture building,

the training building, which consists of four facilities, and a dormitory for the users who will stay on average 3 to 4 days or a week,

have been constructed in order to receive education.


Hyundai Motors Training Center


Educational research facility

Construction began in 2016, and the first part of the construction

“Educational Building” was completed in 2018 and used as a training space.

This space was used for maintenance practices and education related to different types of cars,

studio photography, and sales simulation education.

The teaching building has become a complex teaching research facility that can accommodate lectures and conferences of various sizes.

Spaces of different sizes that can include different types of training contents and spaces,

taking into account facilities and maintenance systems, were then logically arranged on an efficient grid system.

Design Features

Although different openings were planned for each floor, it was meant to be seen as a simple box by wrapping it in an extended double metal skin.

The box is slightly buried in the slope, which is huge but size is not important in this design,

without conflicting with the terrain.

In addition to the exterior seating with the utmost respect for the current location,

it has been designed so that users can enjoy a comfortable view from the inside.


Hyundai Motors Training Center


To this end, the aperture ratio for metal extending at human eye level was increased on each floor,

and the aperture ratio between them decreased with gradation.

Through various experiences with companies that have relevant technology,

the most efficient construction method was found and implemented.

In the design phase, there were concerns from the user that the metal screen would interfere with the exterior view inside the building,

but they were persuaded with adequate prior consultation through perspective drawings and typical on-site installation work.

It is nice to look at the surrounding landscape as it is without the process of penetration,

but it is environmentally friendly, accepting the appropriate natural light according to the season,

blocking direct sunlight and allowing the cool wind from the mountain to flow into the building.


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