During our latest trip to Dubai Design Week 2023 we noticed a remarkable project – acoustic panels presented by FEMM Amsterdam studio which drew our attention through the vivid colors and unlimited adjustment choices. It is widely known that acoustic panels often lack an aesthetic component, being concerns rather practical in purpose. Femm Amsterdam is a workshop and studio based in Amsterdam – a place of experiments, exploration and application of colors. A huge number of bright designs from carpets to wall-decorations to panels is what makes this studio stand out. All these products have one thing in common – they aim to show off the potential of any space, from hotel to private house in a special, unique way. Each design is a special reflection of the profound connection that Femm has with her environment.

An essential solution

Acoustic panels are essential in modern interior design due to their sound-absorbing qualities. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can have adverse effects such as stress, diminished productivity, and potential health problems. Through research conducted by experts, it has been found that accurately placed acoustic panels have to the capability to reduce reverberation time in areas such as offices and classrooms by up to 50%, without needing to adjust the HVAC system settings. Additionally, with their attractive features and customization options, architects and designers are easily able to create aesthetically pleasing projects while still preserving its practicality. With our enthusiasm for this, we proudly put forward the femm acoustic panels project.

Colorful and customizable acoustic excellence

At Dubai Design Week, Amsterdam-based studio presented their handcrafted, Dutch acoustic panels as an excellent way to add a unique touch of texture, color, and character to any room. These textile covers boast a luxurious blend of luxuriant lurex and wool, providing their users with a glamorous aesthetic and charming texture, as well as the option of acoustic padding for a sound-reducing effect. These panels offer an exceptional absorption coefficient of 0.95, effectively absorbing 95% of the noise present in the area and reflecting only 5%. Get creative with these panels and customize the colors and dimensions to best fit your home, hotel, office, or project.


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