Architecture Competition: Considering how a building makes us feel may not be our initial instinct, but architecture has considerable influence on our emotions. Architects design distinct spaces to generate distinct feelings; offices make us feel productive and energetic, art galleries inspire thought and curiosity, and museums evoke serenity and fascination. Many of these spaces are so much more than just a structure. An annual architecture competition, the Museum of Emotions, has been established to ask participants to utilize architecture as a way to create different emotions.

Participants must construct two separate halls, one aimed at eliciting negative feelings and the other targeted at inducing positive outcomes such as fear, anger, anxiety, love, happiness, and laughter. The main objective of the Museum of Emotions competition is to use architecture fundamentally to manufacture emotional states through the assessment of space scale, route through the space, connectivity, colour, light, and material decisions. As an ideas competition, contestants can decide to use actual or imaginary sites for their design and decide the size of their structure. Moreover, Buildners’ silent architecture competition encourages contestants to communicate their creative ideas solely through visuals without using any text.


A total of 7,000 € in prize money will be awarded to competition winners from Bee Breeders as follows: 3 winning proposals, 2 special awards, and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. The winners will receive the following prizes: 1st Prize – 3,000 € 2nd Prize – 1,500 € 3rd Prize – 1,000 € Buildner Student Award – 1,000 € + 50 € gift card at ARCHHIVE BOOKS Buildner Sustainability Award – 500 €


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Arte Laguna Prize


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