Willem Zwiers presents Transformed Remnants – marbled furniture

Design student Willem Zwiers has created Transformed Remnants, a unique collection of marbled furniture constructed from books, including several Bibles and assorted self-help literature, found in local second-hand shops that were set to be thrown away due to small defects such as missing pages. By using his own working methods and tools, Zwiers was able to transform these seemingly useless books into side tables, desk lamps, and bookshelves. He estimates that hundreds of volumes were necessary to make the pieces, with the spines of the books left intact for structural integrity.

Utilizing a circular saw to cut the books into strips, Zwiers manipulated them into molds with wood glue, rubber bands, and wood clamps. The result was a composite similar to particle board but with the swirling texture of marble, along with the visibility of individual words and cut-off sentences on the furniture’s roughly hewn sides. All of the pieces are able to hold their own and bear light items, yet Zwiers intends to explore further possibilities with regards to furniture strength in the future.


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