Ossimori: eclectic furniture and accessories collection

Incalmi and Debonademeo presented the Ossimori collection at EDIT Napoli 2023, an innovative series of furniture and accessories that were first previewed at Design Variations, an event curated by Milan-based studio MoscaPartners at the Milan Philological Institute during the 2023 Fuorisalone. This collection is distinguished by its utilization of primary materials in beautiful contrast sensory and perceptual levels. Incalmi shares that they research, design, and develop products for luxury, design, and architecture names with the goal of crafting unique objects in the world for inspiration, creativity, and workmanship.

Together with designer studio Debonademeo, founded by Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, the Ossimori project was born. The project is inspired by the rhetorical figure of oxymoron and embodies contrary concepts within design vocabulary – material and thought; shape and function; innovation and tradition. The featured furniture includes a bookcase, console table, and coffee table, all made with handcrafted layered glass, wood, and enameled copper for essential lines but complex design skills. Accessories accompany this one-of-a-kind collection, such as a glass, wood, and enameled copper vase, a wood and steel tray, a glass sphere, and an enameled copper bowl. In parallel, the research focused on colors, which Debonademeo has been analyzing for years. Ultimately, eight craft laboratories of their network were involved in the making of these pieces.


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