With a captivating passion for art, psychology, and seemingly tireless perfectionism, Punto Zero Studio presented Franca e Allegra – its inaugural design product – at EDIT Napoli 2023. This minimalist series of dining tables and coffee tables was the result of the Rome-based architecture firm’s meticulous exploration of lines and shapes. Founded by Giorgio Marchese, Arianna Nobile, and Silvia Firmani. Punto Zero cherishes the idea that both architecture and design contribute to providing people with joy and happiness. The centerpiece of their projects is the people, which serves as “punto zero” to measure, conceive, and design their work.

This is evident in Franca e Allegra, which joins together 60s aesthetics with a current approach. Its creators, “inspired by the image and experience of [their] grandmothers”, distilled a unique blend of experimentation. Subtle colour, and a pinch of nostalgia in the design. The furniture is made of MDF, cut out with a numerical control, milled manually at the edge. Then further sanded by hand. Both the top and the legs are of a 5-cm-thick polyurethane-painted polyester base with a reinforced MDF sheet and crafted skeleton of poplar plywood. As one of Edit’s quality-selected products, Franca e Allegra is an iconic and playful. It is also multifunctional piece that is sure to serve as a decorative beacon in any room it resides.


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