Kim Kardashian brings poolside vibes to SKIMS swimwear pop-up at Selfridges

Kim Kardashian brings poolside vibes to the SKIMS swimwear pop-up at Selfridges

The brand’s first physical retail space in the UK, at the Selfridges department store in London, follows the same formula as its debut shop in Paris. Here, surfaces coated in panels of glossy plastic with gentle thermoformed curves suggest the shape of the human body.

Entrance to SKIMS Swim Selfridges pop-up
SKIMS has opened a swimwear pop-up in Selfridges

But for this temporary summertime pop-up, Perron abandoned the brand’s typical fleshy color palette in favor of a pale blue hue reminiscent of a heavily chlorinated swimming pool.

The resulting plastic panels are so glossy they look almost wet as they form everything from mirror frames and bench seats to wall panels and the shop’s monolithic till counter, which is embossed with the SKIMS logo.

Diving board sculpture by Willo Perron of Perron-Roettinger
A three-tiered diving board sculpture forms the centerpiece of the store

Also, A huge replica of a three-leveled diving board stands at the heart of the store. Also, with a stepped base and springboards formed from lengths of the same baby-blue plastic.

Furthermore, Shiny chrome tubes act as handrails and are repeated throughout the store in the form of gridded partitions and clothing rails. Curving around the columns of the Grade II-listed department store.

Moreover, Rounding off the poolside atmosphere is a matching metal palm tree sculpture. Integrated into the long bench set that runs along the shopfront.

To display stacks of rolled-up nude-colored SKIMS towels, Perron also added two smaller freestanding platforms with the same steps and chrome handrails as the diving platform but minus the springboards.

Entrance to SKIMS Swim Selfridges pop-up
Thermoformed plastic panels in glossy blue glad most of the interior

Taking over Selfridges’ ground-floor pop-up space The Corner Shop until 8 July 2023. The shop will offer the brand’s core collection of swimsuits and bikinis alongside limited editions and seasonal colorways.

Customers will also be able to buy ice cream to match their swimwear. Stored in baby-blue freezers courtesy of London gelato company Chin Chin Labs.

SKIMS Swim Selfridges pop-up by Willo Perron of Perron-Roettinger
A metallic palm tree decorates the store

“I’m thrilled to bring SKIMS Swim to London for the first time ever and take over The Corner Shop at Selfridges with our most conceptual pop-up experience to date,” said SKIMS co-founder and creative director Kim Kardashian.

“We have followers all over the world,” she added. “As we enter the next phase of SKIMS retail, I look forward to connecting with these customers through innovative shopping experiences on a global scale.”

Overview of baby-blue retail space by Willo Perron of Perron-Roettinger
A metallic palm tree completes the poolside atmosphere

Returning for its second year, SKIMS’s swimwear offering is pitched towards providing various levels of coverage for different body types and modesty requirements.

This is an extension of the brand’s drive to create inclusive underwear and shapewear that works for people of different sizes and abilities, following the launch of its Adaptive Collection last year.

Over the next three years, the brand is planning to open a roster of freestanding stores across EU.


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