Magnalia House: a tribute to his mother

Magnalia House: a tribute to his mother Magnalia House: تحية لوالدته

The concrete home by architect Felipe Escudero for his mother, whose love of magnolia trees as a child inspired the design.

Magnolia House (Puembo, Ecuador) has been compared to “a spaceship that has just landed.” It’s by Estudio Felipe Escudero.

The house has a flat concrete slab on top. It gives the impression that it is floating in space thanks to its wide spans and overhangs.

In the meantime, barriers between the interior and outdoors are removed by floor-to-ceiling movable glass facades and a continuously covered balcony that surrounds the building. Therefore, bringing natural light and air into all the areas and resulting in 360-degree views of the surroundings.

Visitors are welcomed by a spacious entryway that looks out onto the Magnolia tree in the project’s central courtyard.

The home then expands to the left or right, revealing numerous rooms.

Guest sleeping quarters are to the right and consist of a guest bedroom and bathroom next to a smaller visiting bathroom.

Here, visitors will also discover a second kitchen next to a terrace.

The main bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, and the kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms, are all to the left of the home.

The living room, which has an indoor and outdoor space and connects to a sizable deck with views of a long pool and garden, is located beyond the central courtyard on the same side of the building.

Felipe Escudero’s Magnolia House is a memorial to his mother.

Magnalia House: a tribute to his mother

The company’s initial furniture line, Near Life, furnish Magnolia House.

The collection was created utilizing a blend of age-old artisan methods and modern technologies to resemble futuristic fossils.

The design team of the studio installed two round-shaped white poufs on the balcony facing the pool.

A 3D-printed sculpture made of glass fibers and strip lighting enclosed in transparent tubes are two further eye-catching interior design elements that contribute to the project’s future vibe.

A contemporary embracing of nature is Magnolia House.

Although concrete might seem a strange material for a home that focuses on nature. It’s the way this contemporary building hugs the natural surroundings that make the project so remarkable.

Additionally, Magnolia House has made an effort to make up for this by adding solar panels to its roof. Which supplies hot water to the house.

The roofs also have ceramic tiles, which help to maintain cooler temperatures during the summer and warmer temperatures during the winter by insulating heat and cold from the interior.

Magnalia House: a tribute to his mother


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