Marmomac is the world’s most important exhibition dedicated to the entire stone production chain,

from quarry to processed product.

Also from techniques and machines to tools, Marmomac was born in one of the main Italian regions for the extraction and processing of natural stone.

Today it is the main international hub for industry champions,

an indispensable platform where business and professional development meet, becoming a premier place for innovation and training.

The Marmo Mac Fair is an important event that addresses the needs of construction and is linked to the development of the global situation.


Marmomac Exhibition for Building Materials Marble and Granite
Marmomac Exhibition for Building Materials Marble and Granite


After the health emergency and the subsequent closure,

Marmomac meets the need of the largest marble community to rethink the future of the sector’s economy and the exhibition system in general.

To do so, it launched the “Marmomac Re-Start” project in 2020, and in 2021,

to celebrate the event’s return in attendance, Marmomac provided its operators with a portal entirely dedicated to natural stone professionals.:

This is Marmomac Plus, which is a virtual space open to all companies in the sector, and an active communication tool 365 days a year.

It is also a place to access any initiative associated with the event, including participation in the physical event in September.


Marmomac Exhibition for Building Materials Marble and Granite
Marmomac Exhibition for Building Materials Marble and Granite


Currently, Marmomac offers an exceptional offer open to the international market,

which allows the concerned companies to promote their brand, the best products and projects.

As well as events and meeting opportunities aimed at members of the largest marbled community.

In 2022, Marmomac looks with relief at the results achieved, albeit at a moment of global uncertainty.

You are planning an event that will enrich the experience of the latest edition,

but it is always aimed at improving and improving the display of the gallery.


Marmomac in 2022

One of the surprises of this year’s exhibition is the Bliss Theater, the beating heart of culture and training, in Hall No. 10.

During the event, this area will be revitalized with talks, lectures and workshops focusing on natural stone.

It will also be home to a VIP lounge, restaurant, and five cultural galleries that welcome exhibitors and visitors.


 معرض Marmomac لمواد البناء والرخام والجرانيت
معرض Marmomac لمواد البناء والرخام والجرانيت


To outline natural stone and its applications through an approach that

ideally connects the entire production cycle, from mass to finished product.

The 2022 edition will also be a journey through architecture,

design and universities to reflect on stone materials and share new experiences.

Design, architecture, art and university experimentation, as well as engaging important furniture brands.

The main theme is a diverse but harmonious interpretation of how natural stone can be used for more

or less complex applications in various sectors and the future developments that are likely to emerge in this sector.


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