Martian Hub - Mars Housing Colony Design Challenge

Architecture Competition: Martian Hub – Mars Housing Colony Design Challenge

Ever since the 20th century, many human missions have been proposed to Mars. But aside from exploratory missions, the potential for colonization of Mars as a permanent base is being investigated.

Brief: The challenge of the competition is to conceptualize a design for a modular housing colony to be built on the planet Mars. 

The permanent habitat established must be able to resist the unique conditions of the planet. The atmosphere, climate, gravity, soil, illumination, and so on need to be taken into consideration while proposing the design. The proposed design must be able to adapt to the unexpected harsh conditions that might arise on the planet. The structures built must accompany the means of self-sustenance of the colony.

What would living on a new planet look like? Would traditional architecture techniques be of any use in this new atmosphere? How will the planet constraints shape the life of the inhabiting people?

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