Neri&Hu Retail Spaces for Jisifang in Shanghai

Neri&Hu, the renowned Chinese studio, recently completed two retail spaces for Shanghai fashion company Jisifang, each tailored to the distinct brand identities of Jisifang Boutique and Woven Moonlight. Located at the Panlong Tiandi development in Shanghai, these adjacent stores exude a unique charm through their use of wood and concrete.

Inspired by the Primitive Hut

The design concept draws inspiration from French architecture theorist Marc-Antoine Laugier’s Primitive Hut, considered the fundamental prototype of all architecture. Stripping away decoration and style, the primitive hut establishes a connection between humans and the natural world. Neri&Hu’s interpretation of this concept creates a spacious sanctuary within Jisifang Boutique, featuring a wooden house structure with a sloping roof that maximizes the height of the space.

Warm Interiors and Natural Textures

Inside Jisifang Boutique, white oak furniture and handmade ceramic floor tiles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fashion garments are elegantly displayed beneath the roof, while glass bricks on the facade allow natural light to filter in, connecting the interior with the bustling retail street outside. The design references the warm and natural textures of the brand’s linen products.

Cave-Like Shelter for Woven Moonlight

In contrast, Woven Moonlight is characterized by a cave-like shelter made of concrete, enclosing the main display area. Carved-out niches lined with translucent linen curtains showcase the brand’s products, while walnut cabinetry adds warmth to the roughness of the concrete walls. Skylights and full-height glass windows fill the space with natural light, creating a serene ambience.

A Return to Nature

Both spaces evoke a return to a more primitive state of being, exploring the original space of humanity. Through their designs, Neri&Hu seeks to transcend the urban environment and reconnect people with nature. Whether in the wooden hut of Jisifang Boutique or the concrete cave of Woven Moonlight, visitors are invited to experience the essence of the brands in an immersive and inspiring setting.


Neri&Hu’s retail spaces for Jisifang in Shanghai exemplify a harmonious blend of primitive inspiration and contemporary design. By infusing the interiors with natural materials and textures, the studios have created spaces that not only showcase the brands but also provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle. With their thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail, these retail spaces offer a truly immersive and inspiring retail experience.

Photography: Pedro Pegenaute


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