Open International Architectural Competition: Territory of the Right Bank Embankment of the River Moskva From Moscow Ring Road to Stroginskoe Shosse

The Open International Architectural Competition to develop the territory of the proper bank embankment of the River Moskva from Moscow bypass to Stroginskoe Shosse (Highway) has started on October, 2.

The competitive territory with a complete area of 105.5 hectares features a linear configuration: it’s almost 5 km long with a mean width of about 0.5 km.

The competition has been initiated by Committee for Architecture and concrete Planning of Moscow (Moskomarkhitektura) and is organized by the State Research and style Institute for Urban Development of the town of Moscow (GRADPLAN Moscow) as a singe municipal operator to implement the urban development concept to develop territories adjacent to the Moskva River and therefore the Khimki Reservoir.

The main goal of the competition is to organize architectural, planning, volumetric and landscape solutions for the embankment improvement that meet modern trends within the formation of a cushty urban environment, taking under consideration the characteristics of the territory that’s a part of the protected areas.

The start line for global changes was the International Competition for Urban Development of the Territories Adjacent to the Moskva River, announced in 2014. supported its results, the further vector of development of the embankments and therefore the need for an in depth study of every section were determined. because of this approach, it’s planned to rework tens of kilometers of river embankments in Moscow. they’re going to become the centers of public life, where there’ll be significant territories for the town .

The organizers are expecting proposals coming from participants on architectural and planning, spatial and landscape solutions for the development of the embankment to integrate into the environment, taking under consideration the wants for a specially protected natural area. that’s why landscape architects, professionals within the field of strategic development of territories and concrete planning, architecture, design, creation and development of public spaces are invited to participate. Preference are going to be given to groups with proven experience working with natural areas.

The jury is headed by Sergei Kuznetsov, chief architect of Moscow. The jury consists of landscape architects, environmentalists, representatives of public authorities, experts within the field of architecture, economics, marketing, land and concrete planning.

The Open International Competition are going to be held in two stages. the primary one ends on October 21, when the jury will announce three finalists counting on the results of submitted applications. The winners are going to be determined supported their portfolios of completed projects that demonstrate relevant experience, also as essays describing the most ideas to make the longer term concept base. The teams will start developing their concepts, and a winner are going to be determined at the ultimate jury meeting on December 2. the entire prize fund of the competition is 14,000,000 rubles. The Agency for Strategic Development CENTER is liable for the competition procedure.

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