Open Tutor Call: MEDS Gyumri 2023 Workshop دعوة المعلم المفتوح: ورشة عمل ميدس كيومري 2023

Open Tutor Call: MEDS Gyumri 2023 Workshop

MEDS “Meetings of Design Students” Workshop is an international event that takes place each summer in a different country, focusing on various issues, themes, topics, and settings that will help any designer expand their expertise.

This Open Call is for Tutors
Tutors are the backbone of MEDS Workshops, they are at the origins of all visionary creations at MEDS. Two tutors can apply with a project inspired by the theme of the workshop listed in our Tutor Guidebook.
The project must be realistic, creative, and above all executable in 2 weeks. The projects get developed and executed with the help of the participants and in the end, those projects are transported to the specific site to be permanently or temporarily exhibited.

Concept / Topic: Archquake
The 13th edition of MEDS Workshop is going to Gyumri – Armenia’s cultural capital and its second largest city. Due to the defining historical events surrounding the city, the theme of the MEDS Workshop is “Arch quake.” In 1988, a large-scale earthquake struck Gyumri and surrounding towns, marking a turning point in the city’s history and shifting its identity from a city of artists and craftsmen to a city of misery.

Moreover, the devastation had affected the region so much, that even after 30 years people still deal with its consequences. However, the last 4 years have been a renaissance for Gyumri itself, which has inspired the idea of hosting a transformative Meds workshop with a theme of reawakening, rebuilding, and reimagining, instead of still recovering in the aftermath of the earthquake. Additionally, we believe that this may be a new start for rethinking and reevaluating what we have and how essential the human mindset is to overcome even a disaster.

Be creative and send us your best ideas!


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