Retail of Tomorrow – Retail Design Competition in post pandemic times



From, shop to the arcade to the emporium and retail emporium, there has been a continuing evolution of stories.

Simultaneously from subscription boxes to the increase of quality packaging and therefore the conscious consumer, the shopping culture has changed.

What remains constant, though, is that the physical transaction happening between consumer and seller. As they participate in exchanges but within the different typology of spaces.

But within the world of e-commerce and now COVID-19, where physical gathering can cause fatal consequences – the normal sort of trade is under threat.


The pandemic has shown that normal trade cannot answer the issues that are likely to spread through physical touch. Throughout the method of retail shopping, a consumer has got to touch different surfaces, objects and ask different people. All of them being possible carriers. The uncertainty, lack of spatial flexibility in retail experience has led to a decrease in footfalls.

The presence of the e-market further disrupts the space. Around 44% of the urban population choose to avail of online services even after the restrictions come down.

The ongoing pandemic, in its fragility, has shown us how dispensable traditional spaces are often. Albeit consumer satisfaction remains a priority, there’s a continuing need for its architecture to evolve. The planning system must be open for further upgrades and enhancements.


For an extended, Retail Stores have formed a big part in shaping public spaces and defining a specific neighborhood and its people. As soon as we entered the digital age realm, the recognition of online shopping services shifted the transactions from physical retail stores to online. Now with the pandemic, the architecture of outlets has further raised questions.

The brief is to style a mercantile establishment that redefines the normal market prototype in today’s changing times. The architectural concept for a store that brings back the lost ritual of shopping for, which improves upon the deficiencies present within the trade process, recovers a buyer’s lost human senses. It provides the likelihood to sense all the great properties cohesively includes such possible solutions.


Registration Closes: 10th May 2021

Submission Deadline: 11th May 2021

Result Announcement: 8th Jul 2021


Prize pool of worth 24,000$ 

First Prize: 6000$ (For students and professionals)

Runner Up: 6 x 1400$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 4 x 600$ (Open for all)

Honorable Mention: 12 x 600$ Eac

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