Echo of Rubble – Post-war debris product design competition



The image of the destroyed cities within the past decades is hollow, it’s consisting of components to make it have different echoes that tell stories about the crisis and social context, such areas are dark merging series of incidents as sunlight creates quite shadows on the rubble accumulated reflecting a replacement hope and inspiration, ancient city rubbles have different stories to inform instead of modern cities rubble each with different echoes and means.

Recently the interest in re-activating these rubbles is wildly spread in terms of recycling, new interventions of fabric used, and smart technologies to activate them.

The reuse of constructional waste may be a global issue within the crisis situation, however, the nostalgic value churned out of such friction depicts a replacement thanks to seeing and build value out of this constructional waste.


While it’s true, the damage from the war can sometimes be so huge, it can’t be determined the way to even start rebuilding again. And before even, we rebuild the large rubble problem stands as a bit of inseparable baggage which will only be solved by dumping elsewhere.

The design challenge involves an initiative in new post-war cities, developing product ideas which will form and transport social & cultural vision also because the real texture from the spot of crisis that creates you imagine, think, and also hear the echo of this rubble.

We are trying to find new industrial design ideas which will be created from it, as an integral design process that mixes intense conceptualization, computation, post-war materials, modern materials & rapid prototyping, which provides a new dimension to the rubble problem.


The design challenge is to conceive new product design interventions leading to more sort of a speaking product reflecting the roughness of post-war materials and therefore the echoes of its culture, that delivers the society a message.

Physical & conceptual exploration of continuous products that begin of rubble like (furniture, jewelry, decorative plasters, light products, sculpture, etc.), through the utilization of manually designed / computational-generated forms and color gradients.

A challenge to style an exclusive structural form product that will simulate the events closely in a unique and expressive way. Create a scalable framework of those products in order that they are often replicable despite the variability within the rubble obtained from post-war sites around the world. the chances are many but participants are advised to stay just one quiet product from above or of their choice.


Registration Closes: 10th May 2021

Submission Deadline: 11th May 2021

Result Announcement: 8th Jul 2021


Prize pool of worth 22,000$ 

First Prize: 5000$ (For students and professionals)

Runner Up: 6 x 1300$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 4 x 500$ (Open for all) Honorable Mention: 12 x 600$ Each

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