Some interior design features that homeowners love

Today’s homeowners are discerning and have an eye on what looks good and what doesn’t.

They are also willing to think outside the box, and are not afraid to experiment.

Convention has taken a back seat, cookie cutter designs are now boring and what people want is something bold and unusual.

Here’s a list of quirky home décor’s best features, from metal walls to smart storage,

to help you think differently.

Metallic accents and gold accents

Metallic accents make a big difference in interior design, when you combine gold and black, you get everything a display stand is made of.

Check out this stunning gold foil painting on a grainy black wall, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Decorate with elegant golden birdcage floral motifs, unique gold-covered carvings and lampshades.

All that glitters is actually gold, sometimes.


Some interior design features that homeowners love
Some interior design features that homeowners love

Tropical character

If you are interested in sustainable lifestyles, rattan and ferns are sure to be at the top of your décor list.

The tropical-themed living room has it all right.

From the handwoven jute rug to the rattan chandelier, the organic cotton sofa and the vibrant prints.

Since every element in the room has an innate connection to nature,

it’s time to pay attention to your carbon footprint and make conscious choices that help our planet breathe.


Some interior design features that homeowners love
Some interior design features that homeowners love


Blue velvet sofa

This stunning blue velvet sofa will make you live like royalty, that’s the last word on comfort and style.

Make it the focal point of your room, allow it to attract eyeballs, then decorate it around with touches of gray and lemon yellow.

Velvet fabric is trending, and as well as bold jewel-toned hues,

we also love this beautiful blue-gray ikat-patterned designer rug.


Some interior design features that homeowners love
Some interior design features that homeowners love

Adventurous color combinations

The adventurous color palette will elevate your interior décor from simple and boring realms,

to something that can never be forgotten.

Where you can step out of the ordinary and dare to differ with the unusual color combinations in your home.

Discover shades of pink fuchsia, tangerine orange, sage green or neon yellow.

Also, embrace your wild side, and make crazy color combinations feel like you’re at home with the boldest and most beautiful.



Garden pools

The baths that were intended for rapid ablution have changed, and today the baths are spa rooms.

Every homeowner dreams of having at least one bathroom in the midst of lush and exotic plants,

blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.


Mirror shutters

Practical things in the home are mirror shutters, turn your back on conferences,

and instantly add an air of luxury to your bedroom with floor-to-ceiling frameless mirrors on cabinet shutters.

Visually double the size of your room, frame interesting scenery, and enhance the sense of space and light.

Smart storage

Smart storage is a must; you can make your furniture double duty.

Get furniture pieces that slide in to save space, slide out to create extra seating,

or fold away from the wall when not in use.

Crafted of glass and metal, these beautiful nesting tables feature an elegant and sophisticated design.


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