Specula: making WFH virtual collaborations easier

Specula: making WFH virtual collaborations easier المنظار: جعل التعاون الافتراضي في WFH أسهل

A group of designs A virtual tool called Specula allows for instantaneous in-person collaboration from a home office.

Designed by the co-founder of Acollective Gyeongtae Lyle Kim. ‘Specula’ is an extraordinary virtual device that brings the instant nature of in-person collaboration to a home office. It’s tailored for designers and teachers.

Acollective by Victoria Chiang and  Gyeongtae Lyle Kim. It’s a multi-disciplinary design duo with an industrial design focus based in the United States.

“When sharing ideas over Zoom, designers often sketch on paper but struggle to hold it up clearly to the webcam and Specula arose from this need for quality virtual collaborations while working from home post-pandemic. 

It’s a new take on a traditional document camera featuring an integrated projector that overlays the edges of the captured view that is on the screen” says Kim.

Live Zoom annotations can allow users can see feedback in real-time when drawing. Without looking back and forth between the paper and screen.

Facilitating virtual partnerships between WFH after the epidemic

Additionally, the workflow has this one-of-a-kind minimalistic product’s modular remote that can move to user preference.

The eclectic remote can effortlessly – turn Specula on or off, zoom the document camera in or out for details, switch between document and webcam, control projection options, activate the flashlight for late work nights as well as take snapshots of the paper.

It further comprises three versatile hinges for the field of reach. Including a camera, and head lifted to capture a whiteboard or sticky notes on a wall.
“Specula is also fabricated to last – its damaged parts can be easily disassembled, exchanged, and shipped to a manufacturer for recycling” Kim adds.


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