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Book your vacation on this floating island made of plastic waste

منتجع المحيط البلاستيكي المعاد تدويره من تصميم Margot Krasojević Architects

Do you want to pitch your tent on a plastic dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? A British architectural firm has come up with a concept of a floating island built from plastic waste collected in the ocean. An ecological structure inspired by mangroves.   Every year, eight million tons of plastic are […]

The Solioti project offers a new generation of sustainable green walls

يقدم مشروع Solioti للمدن جيلًا جديدًا من الجدران الخضراء المستدامة

The Solioti project, led by the landscaping company Vert-tical Nord, offers a technology for building and renovating buildings at a low environmental cost. Its manager, Frédéric Logez, is working on a new generation of eco-responsible plant walls. Made from recycled textiles, designed to help cities and their habitats fight global warming.   It is within […]