The duties of the architect on site

The duties of the architect on site,

What are the duties of the architect?

This article deals with the basic tasks of the engineer, the branches and disciplines of engineering in general,

and the relationship between engineering and architecture.

The engineer:

He is the person who should be familiar with all engineering sciences and what goes on around them.

As he works on innovation, design, analysis, testing of metals, machines, and all the systems he needs when building,

the engineer uses his work to rely on applied science,

but he must nevertheless balance the applied science which is the basis of his work and pure science.

The duties of the architect on site

What are the duties of the engineer in general:

The work of the engineer shall be in:

  • the design.
  • Development.
  • the exams.
  • Adjustment.
  • Installation, inspection and maintenance of the products and systems used in his work.
  • It also works to supervise and give the necessary recommendations for the project in which it operates and determines the types of materials used and the quantities.
  • Then after that he works on supervising the construction and exploration of errors, if any.
  • The engineer also plays an essential and important role in the process of scientific explorations that benefit man and society in life.

Engineering science in general:

It is a science specialized in building, construction, design and innovation, and knowing what is necessary to operate the devices and machines that are innovated during our lives in general.

Engineering majors:

There are many types of engineering majors and branches, including:

  • Civilian.
  • Structural.
  • Chemical.
  • Electrophysiology.
  • Industrial.
  • Mechanical.


Architecture is a science and an art among them, engineering cooperation, wherein architecture construction, building,

and innovation take place, and planning for the design of buildings is considered,

so the concept of architecture is a concept used to describe the installations and method of design and know-how to build in detail.

Architecture is considered to be of great and cooperative relationship in many areas, including:

  • City planning.
  • Urban planning.
  • Civil foundation.
  • Interiors.

The duties of the architect on site

The tasks of the architect:

One of the basic tasks of an architect is to:

  • A natural and small change in the resources available to him in order to create new and different things and designs.
  • Analyzing the data in front of it, in order to obtain a complete and detailed visualization of the project that is implementing it, he must be aware of all the details in order to show this on the art, beauty and creativity that it is implementing.
  • The architect should commit to linking the project he is implementing with the nature, traditions, and customs of the area.

The creative architect in his work works on having an appropriate form of design through which the needs of the people who use the place and the possibility of benefiting from it are greatly translated.

Among the main tasks of the architect:

  • Preparing and planning drawings, architectural and descriptive plans to determine the method and method of construction.
  • Preparing schedules.
  • Cost estimate.
  • Construction management and all that it takes in the project that it is implementing.

Architecture and what are the basics that an architect must adhere to create a building:

It was also clarified in the past that architecture is a process of innovation and construction from the architect in order to meet the needs of individuals from aesthetic requirements and the concern for scientific requirements.

The basics that an architect must adhere to in his designs:

The use of materials that stabilize the building and its permanence under any circumstances and with the passage of time,

it must be taken into account that the building is suitable for human use.


After knowing what architecture is and what the architect’s tasks in construction are,

we have a clear vision that the field of architecture is a mixture of science and art.

This is because they are considered science because there are foundations for the architect who must fully master and study them,

in terms of functionality and analysis of climatic factors surrounding the site and knowledge of regulations and laws from various official bodies and other important information when creating.

And architecture is considered an art and creativity, because of the architectural innovations and creations that designs by the architect to find new and creative things that meet the needs of man in his life,

whether material, cosmetic, or comfortable for the psychological, so architecture is considered creative art.

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