The impact of modern technology on the safety of construction sites

The impact of modern technology on the safety of construction sites,

Technology is always changing any industry it deals with for the better, and it has already impacted the security industry,

since some new technologies were implemented in 2021.

Security improvements through technology were:

  1. More advanced cameras

A strong security system relies on cameras, as camera and imaging technologies become very advanced, in 2021.

Not only are cameras getting smaller and more affordable,

but advances in solar power, battery life and construction methods now make it easier to place cameras throughout the entire job site.

There is also the fact that digital video and photo storage are increasing exponentially compared to the past few years so that you don’t lose vital evidence due to lack of space.

In addition, digital cameras with image processing software,

can produce a much clearer image compared to older security systems,

and it is easy to see how the security and surveillance industry is improving its features.

Thermal imaging software, or facial recognition technology, is a more advanced security system.

  1. Solar powered security systems

More efficient solar power and batteries solve one of the most common problems with construction site safety, which is the lack of power.

Most construction sites also have generators or a basic electrical system setup, however generators may not operate when employees are off site.

In addition, some construction sites may not have lines set up to provide adequate coverage for every area that cameras, alarms, and warning lights need to cover.

And with equipment designed to run on both solar and standard DC power inputs, you’re covered no matter what.

Security teams can now expand their coverage by adding cameras to more remote sections of the job site.

Meanwhile, solar and battery options provide safety from downtime in the event of a power outage.


The impact of modern technology on the safety of construction sites


  1. 5G and other communication developments

With faster connection speeds and the ability to access a cellular or wireless connection,

the overall security coverage of any job site can be increased.

Communication improvements also extend to:

  • Faster response time by security personnel and local authorities
  • Less disturbance to the video feed from weak signals or interference
  • Broader coverage options within single locations or across multiple locations

And thanks to advances in signal processing and wireless technology,

security teams can see more and respond faster.

Compared to the limitations of legacy internet infrastructure and wireless signals,

2021 saw an upward trend in more successful remote security operations as well.

  1. Improved tools for remote options

2021 also saw continued expansion of remote options across all industries along with improved communications and connectivity.

Remote jobs may not be entirely new, but there was a boom in part thanks to the technological developments led by COVID early in 2019.

Essentially, these tools provide additional channels for security providers to keep tabs on properties and other assets.

And while you won’t necessarily find your own security team leader on Zoom,

the increased focus on remote development is enhancing the remote operations already developed in the security field.

The impact of modern technology on the safety of construction sites

With improvements in software and remote communications,

security teams can create a central control center that monitors and manages every aspect of security for your construction site.

This, in addition to equipping your job site with updated technology, provides the similar benefit of live video monitoring.

But rather than simply appointing someone to view camera feeds and contact the police if they perceive a threat,

centralized monitoring is a more comprehensive and interactive security method.

It also includes live video surveillance and includes multiple layers of workplace security and off-site elements,

such as logging, thermal imaging software, expertise, and optimizing software-based security planning.

Practically speaking, for site administrators and security-minded people,

it also allows access to a reliable and technical security service that might otherwise work,

out of budget constraints if you’re trying to implement the same level directly or through individual contractors.


The impact of modern technology on the safety of construction sites


Better technology means better construction site security

Overall, the continued growth of the technology sector is a good thing for the construction and security teams.

And as we find new ways to apply advanced technologies to security, it’s even easier to protect your investment from loss, theft or damage.

Current trends also suggest that during the latter phase of 2021 through 2022,

we will see continued growth in security programs.

Centered around discovery, image recognition, and improving artificial intelligence or automated applications,

we are getting closer and closer to reducing capital losses due to theft, damage, and other criminal or negligent activities.


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