Topology in architecture

Topology in architecture,

The topological trend has brought about a huge boom that affected the change of intellectual concepts,

and theoretical foundations in architecture and interior design as a result of the use of modern digital technologies.

Which led to the development of design thought and the creation of new means of expression and innovative ideas and previously unfamiliar.

He adopted the trend of topology mathematical systems and worked to integrate them into the design process to produce internal voids with continuous and continuous creative designs,

and to create deeper relationships that link the internal and external architectural design together.

Mathematics became:

“It is the language of discourse common to architecture, interior design,

nature, and science, which has opened the way for the design of a new world of endless ideas and visions.”

Here we talk about the genesis and concept of Topology:

Topological term derived from the Greek word Topos meaning place, and Logos means study.

It is the science of studying space or space and studying the properties of geometric shapes.

Topological engineering is

concerned with studying continuous flexible curved engineering surfaces, such as rubber surfaces,

which are easy to control and modify through:

“Control the distribution and density of points on the surface,

which increases its curvature.”

It results in variable shapes that form topological architecture using digital technology.


Topology in architecture


Topological engineering:

It is the soft, flexible geometry that, due to its ductility,

is able to interact with external events and warp and change into a continuous fine space.

These curved shapes are formed by their specific content and environment,

but they do not represent those external forces and conditions.

Topological architecture:

Mathematical numerical architecture is defined as a mathematical basis to generate shapes and transformations for digital morphology.

There are many computational methods used, such as topological engineering shapes,

and multiple morphologically identical surfaces.

The idea of topology possesses a special ability in architecture in terms of its emphasis on switching from certain forms of expression,

within a specific location and proposed a program.

As these interconnected data become the organized and component base for generating and transforming the shape.

Engineering properties of topological space:

Topological space is defined as that space that includes the dynamic systems of transformations.

And that assumes that there is a field of external forces that affect objects that cause deformation or change in their shape.

These forms of change are described as:

“They are expressive forms that may express a transitional event and that cause distortion or curvature accordingly.”

Based on these concepts, we find that the topological space is generated by formations under the influence of pressure,

and therefore we find that the geometry of these spaces is engineering with different topological features.


الطبولوجيا في الهندسة المعمارية


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