What is digital design and its relationship to engineering

What is digital design and its relationship to engineering,

What is digital design and what are the types of digital design, all of these topics we will provide information about in this topic in detail.

Digital design:

A science that is used in the design of systems in electrical devices and digital equipment.

This science consists of electronic circuits, which are used in the design of this digital system and depend mainly on them.

The electronic chips that make up the digital design are possible:

  • To be with the parties in force.
  • Or superficial slices.
  • Or with wire legs.

The electronic circuits that make up the digital system are several components and the most important of these components are:

  1. Capacitors.
  2. Resistors.

Which does not make any of the systems and electronic circuits except with them?

What is digital design and its relationship to engineering

  • Capacitors:

Capacitors are the second major component in the formation of electronic systems.

Electronic capacitors have several variables, including fixed ones.

What is digital design and its relationship to engineering

Also, capacitors can be classified by knowing and calculating the potential difference or by manufacturing quality,

and the factors that affect the capacitance of the capacitor are:

  • Insulating medium.
  • Distance between the boards used in the electrical or electronic circuit.
  • Volume of the surface area of ​​the condensate.

The capacitor is used in both electronic and electrical circuits,

as its function is very important due to its role in controlling electric charges.

The capacitor consists of two parts, they are:

  1. Two conducting surfaces.
  2. Electrical insulator.


What is digital design and its relationship to engineering

Digital design, types, and designs:

The digital design is a design or what is known as the artistic production that is made about different design programs known in the art world.

Digital designs are many and different in creativity, for example:

  • There is a design called (With Imaginary Design):

It is he who depends entirely on the free imagination of the designer.

In this type of design, the designer discharges his imagination in the realm of unrealistic and highly imaginative dreams in her designs and innovations.

  • There is a digital design called (Dark Art or what is known as the Art of Darkness):

In this type, the designer uses the darkest colors and the darkest and most mysterious atmosphere,

and designers turn to this type of design to depict and embody the most mysterious reality, sadness, and horror.

Digital Arts:

  • Holographic digital art:

It is an art that represents the state of the interior and its emotions, and the artist or designer in this type uses complex shapes and uses the overlap of colors and three dimensions.

It is considered the most widespread and used art.

  • Lettering design:

It is considered one of the most important types of arts in the world of digital design and may be more difficult if you want to deal with this art more professionally,

and globally, and this art is known to be a way to express how luxurious artistic sense among designers.

  • Repeating geometric art:

This art is a digital design that depends entirely on the repetition of a certain part of the work in a simple and elegant engineering shape.

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