Window designs to add style to your home

The color of the walls, and the right kind of windows and doors that go with it, affect the appearance of your home a great deal.

The right choice of windows and doors has the power to transform an ordinary looking home into an expensive home planned by an interior designer.

There are many attractive window designs available to renovate existing ones or to include in your new home.

Although attractive window designs may seem, it is essential to choose windows that are not only elegant but also practical to use and maintain.

And for some time-tested architectural window plans that are visually great, here are these window designs.


Window designs to add style to your home
Window designs to add style to your home


Full wall window

Full-walled windows are large floor-to-ceiling windows, also called French windows that serve the purpose of both a door and window.

These windows allow access to the patio or the outside of the house, and come in sliding or folding form.

It also gives you an abundance of natural light entering the room, since the entire window area is mainly made of glass.


Window designs to add style to your home
Window designs to add style to your home


Louver window

Roof windows are another way to release abundant natural light from the sky.

These windows are located on the roof line of the house,

and are the best alternative when you have limited options while designing wall windows to bring in more natural light.

A louver window is suitable for kitchen, bathrooms and rooms in the attic.


Window designs to add style to your home
Window designs to add style to your home


Bay window

Bay windows are similar to curved windows with a slight difference,

and a bay window is a group of 3 windows connected at 30-45 degree angles to form an angled window bump in the wall.

Large windows are also a great feature to let in light from different angles,

are a favorite addition to the kitchen and family room and are often used as a seating area or sport flower pots.


Window designs to add style to your home
Window designs to add style to your home


Arch windows

An arch window is a type of bay window that comes in a group of 3 to 5 windows connected together,

meeting at 10 degree angles.

Arched windows create the perfect space for a reading nook or sitting area,

and arch windows are commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms.


Window designs to add style to your home
Window designs to add style to your home


Garden window

A garden window is another wall addition, as it is a smaller version of a large greenhouse-like window that protrudes from the house.

These windows are specifically designed to install plants on the windowsill and are ideal for kitchen windows.



Eyebrow windows

These are arched windows with rounded tops that are added above the regular windows just for the architectural look they provide.

These windows come in fixed shapes or can be opened sideways like a casement window and are best suited to façade walls.


Picture window

As the name suggests, picture windows are a large area of ​​fixed glass windows that do not open.

It also provides a complete view of the outdoors because it is made of a single piece of glass that has no frames inside.

Although a picture window is great for unobstructed viewers,

even the best window manufacturer won’t be able to control the amount of heat they attract into the room.

So it is best suited where the air flow can be penetrated, such as the hallway, home office or bathroom.


Transom windows

Transverse windows are decorative windows located above the front door and ordinary windows.

Used in arch, square, or rectangle shapes, this window addition creates an attractive façade while adding a delicious focal point to your porch.

The transverse window comes in a fixed shape and can be opened to allow air to flow from the top of the door or window.


Glass window

They are the best weatherproof windows you can get for your home.

It also provides privacy, soundproofing and repels insects.

Besides these advantages, glass windows are striking as they come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

These fixed windows are best suited for bathrooms and basement windows.


Hanging windows

Double and single hung windows are one of the best vinyl windows that are widely used in homes.

The single window provides a sliding bottom window while the top stays put.

The double hung window offers two sliding window panes so you can choose to open the upper or lower window.

Also available in wood, aluminum, vinyl or a combination of these materials,

these windows are suitable for nearly every part of your home.


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