Yihan Li the architect who sparkled with her passion

Yihan Li the architect who sparkled with her passion,

The path to the study of architecture leads in many different directions,

with some people having the desire to stick to the criteria of creating another “breakthrough” design for a skyscraper.

Or those who decided to update a modern two-storey suburban square house in the US with a few extra windows or a different style balcony

Although these types of architects are needed in today’s modern world,

designs can be repetitive and anything but eye-catching.

And when someone decides to take a different path in their architectural career,

it defies the norm and ignites the desire to design something extraordinary with passion.

Architect Yihan Li

This passion and innovation is found in Yihan Li, originally from China,

who came to the United States to earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

She graduated with honors from Pratt Institute, then was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania,

where she pursued and received her Master of Science in Design and Advanced Architectural Design in 2018.

However, the path she took during her school years was nothing but calm and allowed her to be able to focus on creativity at stake.

Yihan Li has already been accepted into an internship program at Eray Carbajo Inc. in Brooklyn, New York,

before completing her bachelor’s degree, due to her excellent academic record and recognized skills.

During this time she worked on several significant design projects that really helped her develop her innovative approach to architecture.

Some of these projects included the Argentina Housing Master Plan which allowed it to incorporate,

the schematic design into the plan’s construction drawings and analytical blueprints.

She also took upon herself the challenging goal of furniture design by creating displays of intriguing building plans,

as she participated in a physical model of these plans.


Yihan Li the architect who sparkled with her passion


The beginning of professional practice in the life of Yihan Li

World-renowned architecture firm Eventual HOK put Yihan Li’s expertise into an internship program

while she was still completing her master’s degree.

She was able to demonstrate her amazing skills through this amazing opportunity,

by working on a design project for ExxonMobil.

Yihan Li participated in this project by creating blueprints for office crowds as well as studying different approaches to building facade models.

Yihan Li completed her internship at HOK and earned her master’s degree,

then realized that her passion for architecture had given her additional insight into creating unique styles.

These styles are a rare find in many other architects, then she managed to create multiple designs that outperform the rest

and this is where things become more interesting to her.

The beginning of Yihan Li’s business that went off base

Dubai, a global center of beauty, creativity and idealism, was an example of Yihan Li’s expertise that she understood so well,

she had a vision for Dubai that would allow her to expand her architectural horizons and environmental impact while maintaining her appeal.

The architectural designs of the Expo 2050 Dubai Sustainability Pavilion are the strongest example of this,

highlighting what environmental sustainability in design actually means.

Yihan’s vision was to break the norm and use lightweight, sustainable building materials,

and using sweetened salt combined with 3D printing, she envisions an unparalleled pavilion design that will be stunning when finished.

The structure will be built with walkways built into the ground to create a pleasant year-round temperature for any visitor,

while they will also be able to learn more about the power of 3D printing when using salt.


Yihan Li the architect who sparkled with her passion


Yihan Li the architect who sparkled with her passion

What sets Yihan Li apart is this kind of ingenuity and insight, and her ability to blend art,

passion and design into a recipe that inspires and ignites creativity is certainly uncommon and could make her famous one day.

Meanwhile, the “JFK Future Airport” project is another example of its impressive capabilities,

and an excellent picture of what the future of airports may be headed for.

Not only has she resurrected an airport on paper that includes both elegance and ease of use,

she has also incorporated the scalability issues into logistics that we often encounter with shipping.

Yihan’s plans will allow for increased passenger and cargo flow while reducing bottlenecks and maintaining an excellent working environment for airport staff.

The architectural design also calls for more than half of the airport buildings and freight carriers to be built underground,

allowing for better heating and cooling, which is of course better for the environment.

By setting up the Urban Mining Project, Yihan has helped solve many of the problems we face with urban mining around the world.

It has developed a plan to allow urban areas to participate in mining exploration and mining while avoiding problems related to pollution and waste of materials,

using modern technology and artificial intelligence.

It envisioned a complex built of multiple mining cells,

with each aggregated raw material having its own compartments for processing, storage and transportation.

This will allow a smooth transition of the entire mining process while ensuring worker safety and minimal impact on the environment.

Yihan Li Architectural Design Features

Characterized by Yihan Li designs thinking about how to improve every aspect of architecture,

her ingenuity in conceptualizing breakthrough building concepts as well as considering the environmental,

logistical and even ergonomic impact of her creations is highly desirable in the modern world we live in.


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