Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature

Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature,

The developer of the Red Sea project, “The Red Sea Development Company”,

revealed the final designs for the new mountain resort called “Desert Rock”.

This project is considered one of the most ambitious renewable tourism projects in the world,

as it will provide tourists with a unique experience that enables them to communicate directly with the nature and culture of the local area.

The project is located in one of the valleys of the Red Sea project in the west of the country,

and allows visitors from all over the world to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature


Desert Rock Resort Design Features

Oppenheim Architecture created a design that was intended to preserve and enhance the environment.

So that guests can enjoy watching the stunning landscapes as far as the eye can see,

which was inspired by the resort’s privileged location.

Designed by Oppenheim Architecture, visitors will enjoy endless luxury and unforgettable tourist experiences.

The resort’s unique design keeps nature as it is and for future generations to enjoy.


Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature


The design provides an entrance for resort guests to pass through a valley hidden among the mountains,

to find 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms within the mountain.

Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature

The architecture is completely integrated into the rocks of the mountains to maintain its stunning shape,

implementing Oppenheim Architecture’s philosophy, which aims for nature to be the main part of the design.

The resort contains a variety of luxury residential units, ranging from ground rooms to hotel suites built in the middle of the mountain.


Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature


While there are a limited number of hotel rooms carved into the mountain rock,

a network of roads connecting the resort has been built on the edge of the main valley.

To ensure that nothing gets in between visitors and the unique landscape,

and hidden behind the existing landscape, which will reduce noise and light pollution.

The design of these pathways, hidden within the mountain,

gives visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the desert scenery that surrounds them.

Resort Extensions

The resort boasts the finest hotel amenities including a world-class spa and fitness centre,

as well as secluded dining venues, and a signature lagoon.

The resort’s layout offers visitors the possibility to take long walks,

enjoy dune buggy tours and stargazing as part of the many tourist activities available.

One of the primary design goals of Desert Rock Resort is to share the archaeological history of the area by employing members of the local community,

who are representative of the culture and nature of the place.

And also to be a participant in the local and international visitors to the story of the authenticity of the region and the details of its ancient heritage.

The resort’s unique design will also help reduce energy consumption and enhance the area’s wildlife.

Where water conservation and distribution systems will be established throughout the site,

and the rainwater that will be collected will be used to increase the vegetation cover in the valley,

in addition to employing materials resulting from excavation work in the construction of its infrastructure.


Desert Rock Resort Engineering and Architectural Harmony with Nature


Much of the Red Sea Development Company’s commitment is related to renewable tourism,

and it is in this spirit that Desert Rock Resort has been designed to achieve the highest level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Site preparation and construction work has already commenced in July 2021,

the project has passed important milestones on its destination, and work is on track to begin welcoming the first guests by the end of 2022.

The first phase, comprising 16 hotels in total, is expected to be completed by 2023,

and when the project is fully completed in 2030, the destination will consist of 50 resorts providing up to 8,000 hotel rooms

and more than 1,000 residential properties on 22 islands and six inland locations.


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