10 upcoming Zaha Hadid Architects skyscrapers

As Zaha Hadid Architects The Henderson tower nears completion on the world’s most expensive site in Hong Kong, we take a look at 10 more skyscrapers in the works by the studio.

Established by the esteemed Zaha Hadid in 1980, the studio is credited with creating numerous renowned structures, such as the London Aquatic Centre and the MAXXI in Rome.

Numerous unique structures, such as the One Thousand Museum in Miami and the Morpheus hotel in Macau, are already part of the portfolio of Zaha Hadid Architects, and many more are in the works.

Continue reading to see the studio’s ten forthcoming towers.

The Henderson office, Hong Kong

36-story Zaha Hadid Architects building Recently, photos of The Henderson in Hong Kong, which features a curving glass exterior inspired by orchid blossoms, were taken as construction neared completion.

When the property at 2 Murray Road was acquired for the project in 2017, it was widely regarded as the most expensive tract in the world.

OPPO headquarters, Shenzhen, China

The OPPO Shenzhen headquarters, which is expected to be finished by 2025, will be made up of four connected buildings that will contain the open-plan offices for the Chinese smartphone company.

Despite their different heights, each tower will be distinguished by flowing glass forms that taper inward toward ground level.

Tower C, Shenzhen, China

Another skyscraper in Shenzhen is Tower C, built by Zaha Hadid Architects as a pair of supertalls connected by a multi-story pedestal including aquaponic gardens and curved green terraces.

The mixed-use construction is anticipated to be completed by 2027 and stand at a height of almost 400 meters, making it one of the highest buildings in the city.

Mercury Tower, Paceville, Malta

Since it topped out in 2020, Mercury Tower, which is still under construction, has been the highest structure in Malta.

The 122-meter-tall skyscraper has a unique structural twist that separates the building’s hotel rooms from residential apartments.

Discovery Tower, Sarawat Mountains, Saudi Arabia

The shard-shaped, crystalline skyscraper known as Discovery Tower is intended to be built as part of Neom in Saudi Arabia at the Trojena ski resort.

Neom has revealed images of a supertall tower that will hold eateries and observation decks. The construction is characterized by many columns that taper toward the apex.

Vauxhall Cross Island towers, London, UK

According to reports, work has started on the Vauxhall Cross Island towers, two structures in south London with 53 and 42 stories, respectively, that will be united by a common podium.

Moreover, The initial proposal for the tower heights infuriated opponents of the concept, which led to a commotion about the plans for the mixed-use complex.

Bora Residential Tower, Mexico City, Mexico

The Bora Residential Tower, which is being built in Mexico City’s Santa Fe commercial sector, is not yet scheduled for completion.

According to Zaha Hadid Architects, the six-tower structure will be the “highest residential tower” in the city when it is finished, rising more than 50 stories.

Mandarin Oriental, Melbourne, Australia

The Mandarin Oriental, a hotel in Melbourne, is currently under development with a planned height of 178 meters.

The structure would include of four interlocking, vase-shaped units with white façade adorned with filigree, housing a mix of apartments and guest rooms.

The Mayfair, Melbourne, Australia


The completion date of Zaha Hadid’s second forthcoming tower in Melbourne, The Mayfair, is not yet known.

Furthermore, The residential tower, rising to a height of 64 meters, will be characterized by facades adorned with angular balconies and a roof topped with two swimming pools.

CECEP Shanghai Campus, Shanghai, China

Developed for Chinese renewable energy business CECEP, this mixed-use building will employ renewable energy technologies and recycled materials when finished, according to its architects.

When finished, the campus, which is slated to be located near the Huangpu River in northeastern Shanghai, will have three connected towers.


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