Gomi is a design studio that recycles plastic waste into production material

Gomi جومي

Gomi transforms “non-recyclable” plastic waste into useful material that is then used to create finished products for everyday usage.

Every year, 150 billion kg of flexible plastic debris is burned or tossed into the oceans throughout the world. Plastic bags, bubble wrap, food, and pallet wrapping are examples of “non-recyclable” plastic. Battery waste is also becoming more of a problem around the world. We create about 3 billion batteries every year with no method to recycle or reuse them in commercial products. Gomi’s production base is entirely of this type of garbage.

So, what makes Gomi so interesting? Because of reusing plastic garbage, they have a good impact on the environment.

Gomi’s goods are produced entirely of recycled plastic, and the energy is generated entirely from reused discarded batteries.

They have their in-house production as a studio, so they won’t have to rely on outside help. Many local manufacturers, eager to find a sustainable solution to dispose of their “non-recyclable” waste, supply Gomi with plastic waste.

Gomi’s prior work includes a portable Bluetooth speaker, prizes for the Berlin Film Festival, soap dishes for a soap studio, and beer taps for Jubel Beer. A 12,000mAh portable charger created from “non-recyclable” plastic garbage and reused batteries is their latest idea.

Gomi’s brains trust – A small group of forward-thinking individuals

Gomi’s team got together in Brighton, UK, in 2017 to turn plastic trash into consumer electronics. Their main goal was to come up with new ways to have a good impact on the environment by reusing garbage. Also, designing recyclable things that people want to own and use daily.

Their first project was a Bluetooth speaker, which needed the fabrication of 100 plastic bags.

They have won numerous important accolades for their environmentally friendly product designs.

Materials and Techniques

Gomi’s production basic materials are flexible and low-density PE (polyethylene from plastic bags and wraps), PP (polypropylene from plastic cups, containers, and pots), and PS (polystyrene from plastic cups, containers, and pots) (polystyrene from plastic boxes and cutlery).

Their most recent creation is a portable charger that gets 100 percent of its power from reused batteries. To minimize relying on foreign suppliers and to help the local economy, the product is made in-house.

Gomi realized he had to cover a few essential principles when designing the portable charger. It must be large enough to hold the required battery power while remaining small and light enough to slip into your pocket. Its design makes it simple to deconstruct after usage and reuse in new products.

Design & Aesthetics — Unique colors and patterns create an eye-catching design.

Because they use diverse plastic waste streams, each of their portable chargers is handmade and has a unique color and design.

Because Gomi does not produce two similar portable chargers, each owner will have the opportunity to possess a one-of-a-kind item. The case’s design is modest, but the one-of-a-kind marbled designs make it stand out.

The Gomi portable charger is a strong device.

This portable charger has a battery capacity of over 12,000mAh, allowing you to charge your smartphone up to five times. It includes two USB ports, allowing it to charge two devices at once. The portable charger from Gomi is a useful and stylish piece of technology.

a reminder of design – Gomi’s products is good for the environment as well as the owner’s hectic schedule.

Mobile phones and other widely used electronic devices have a significant environmental impact. Gomi is on a mission to confront the issue of sustainability and set a tangible example for larger electronics manufacturers by using “non-recyclable” plastic as the platform for new product creation.

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