Architectural Photography Awards (APA) 2021,

The Architectural Photography Awards competition,

this year’s ninth leading award in the industry,

is open to both professional and amateur photographers.


The overall winner of the Architectural Photography Awards 2021 is chosen from four main categories,

with two separate awards presented, one in the Historic Business Photography category and the other in the Mobile Photography category.

1. Outdoor photography

The photographs should show the exterior of the building, so that the contestant considers the shape of that building,

thinks about the materials and the quality of the light, and what is special about it?

Architectural Photography Awards (APA) 2021
Architectural Photography Awards (APA) 2021
2. Interior photography

Images in “Interior” should show the interior of the building,

effectively communicating the space, as interiors consist of a series of spaces,

permeated with light and used for a purpose.

3.Sense of place

The Sense of Place category should display buildings or spaces in their broader context and environment,

and indicate whether the building blends or flows with its surroundings,

and is the building typical of its location?

Is the building in the atmosphere or fog or rain?

4. Buildings used

Images should show “buildings in use” which buildings are occupied

and the outer parts are inhabited, as each building has a specific purpose and creates areas of activity.

These images should combine activity and architecture and not distract from it.

Previous business category

5. Build with history

The Previous Works category, at the Architectural Photography Awards 2021,

celebrates the architecture of historic buildings by showing how an old building has been combined with a new one.

The judges will evaluate the strongest combinations,

and you must enter a minimum of four photos and a maximum of six photos of your previous work.

Mobile phone category

6. Greening the city

This category requires taking pictures with a mobile phone.

This category offers a wide range of topics:

from solutions designed by the architect to contributions by individuals,

companies or local authorities, such as hanging baskets, porches,

front gardens, roofs and green walls, indoor gardens, roundabouts and more.


Three prizes will be presented in the competition – the overall award,

the previous business category award, and the mobile category award – with two winners in each.

The winner, selected by the jury, for the final award,

will receive $2,000, and the winning WAF delegates will receive $1,000.

The winner of the previous works category from the jury will receive $750,

and the winner of previous works from the WAF delegates will receive $250.

In the Mobile category, the jury favorite will win $150,

with $100 going to select delegates.

The awards will be displayed through the World Architecture Festival.

The coordination has yet to be determined due to the uncertainty of international COVID-19 regulations.

Architectural Photography Awards (APA) 2021
Architectural Photography Awards (APA) 2021

Winners will be announced during the World Architecture Festival, Lisbon, on the evening of Friday 3 December 2021.


  1. Katie Harris, Senior Partner, Head of Communications, Foster + Partners.
  2. Richard Bryant, Hon. FRIBA, Architectural Photographer.
  3. Marco Juliano, Architecture Reader, University of Liverpool School of Architecture, United Kingdom.

Submissions close on September 5, 2021

To apply and get more information here

Check out all competitions from here.

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