Architecture Travel Story!

Architecture Travel Story!

Architecture Travel Story!


Architecture travel story is a world architecture experience competition organized by ‘Sangaf’, a travel portal. Travel stories of architects, their observations, and experiences. Beyond the pandemic pause, let’s plan our journey after the pause, explore a touch more. Let’s share our experiences and exchange travel journals and meet on the opposite side.
The best experiences come from the simplest observer then this competition aims at architects’ experience of their travel stories with architecture, food, local culture, and each aspect that enriched their journey.
Please visit your past and weave a tale with the bundle of experiences you’ve collected within the process of exploring our world.


Write your experience in additional than 900 words _ (Docx. Format)
An itinerary of your journey (Means of transport | your stay | food) _ (Docx. Format)
Images or videos of your experience _ minimum 6 images, maximum as many as you would like . (Images in jpeg. | Videos in mp4 / .mov format)
List of souvenirs from your journey.
Sketches of your journey also are accepted _ not compulsory.
A title to your journey

Submission Guidelines:

A Docx. file of quite 900 words.
Images, videos, sketches, or the other means of graphical representation. you’ll include short descriptive text. (Images in jpeg. | Videos in mp4 / .mov format)
Submit a selfie(ratio:1:1) and brief introduction of yourself _ (authors details are required for publication)


• Architecture travel story competition is freed from charge.
• No entry fees, direct registration.


Top 3 Entries:
E-Certificate of accomplishment by archiol
Top 20 entries are going to be published.

Download the knowledge associated with this competition here.

Title : Architecture Travel Story!

Type : Competition Announcement(Ideas)

Website :

Organizers : Artuminate

Registration Deadline : June 30, 2021 12:00 AM

Submission Deadline : July 01, 2021 12:00 AM

Price : Free

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