Classic style for elegant bathrooms

Classic does not mean the old thing; it is the exact opposite, where the value of things is in their classic.

This may apply to gastronomy, decoration, fashion or cinema,

which endure over time without losing an iota of their original beauty.

In this article, the bathrooms are the best proof of that, as they are classic and modern at the same time.


Classic style for elegant bathrooms
Classic style for elegant bathrooms

Marble clad

After walnut wood has already been used in the living rooms and kitchen, it has also been used in bathrooms.

Combining a piece of furniture in this noble wood with a marble-finish coating gives you an undoubtedly classic style.

Mirrors without frames or frills were chosen, making wood and marble the centerpiece of the decoration.


Classic style for elegant bathrooms
Classic style for elegant bathrooms

The right place for the lines

The use of walls covered in blue and white striped wallpaper gives elegant style with classic touches in this bathroom.

This is emphasized by the open cabinet and the mirror frame, both in white, which also provide plenty of light.

Glossy bathroom thanks to the use of marble

This classic bathroom boasts plenty of natural light and also features glossy white tiles.

The very attractive indigo bathroom furniture may accentuate its classic style,

with an elegant marble top that raises the bar.

Details that add classics

This bathroom goes hand in hand with the classic style thanks to the natural wooden furniture,

the chandelier and the mirror frame, also made of wood.

Although the cladding in wood nuances in gray, and the washbasin in the original green,

are very modern resources.


The use of wood and blue color

A classic bathroom does not have to respond to sensual furniture, gilded details, or rococo mirrors.

Sometimes, as in this project by Natalia Zubizarreta, it is the successful combination of colors and materials that makes the project successful.

Here the azure color of the cladding gains prominence thanks to the wood and white finishes of the furniture.

Later, small details such as candelabra with a linen screen chose a more traditional style.


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