DESIGN X COMMUNITY: Rethinking Public Spaces

Layers of Design is launching a fresh and exciting competition which will check out developing temporary design solutions for people experiencing homelessness, a problem that’s present all around us. There are numerous reasons people become homeless. Many homeless people find it difficult to suit into society and feel unwelcomed. Public spaces should be a secure and fair space where all the members of a community can coexist together. This competition aims to bring positive strategies and scenarios that would aid people revisit on their feet while transforming public spaces into becoming more energetic, engaging, and welcoming to all or any .

Interested participants are going to be challenged with creating simple, yet innovative solutions that are ready to improve the present condition(s) of individuals experiencing homelessness publicly spaces. These solutions are often anything from design installations, furniture pieces, artwork, small devices, etc. Keeping in mind that the difficulty of homelessness may be a universal issue, participants should consider how their proposed ideas might be adapted in several parts of the planet . If the question is the way to roll in the hay , flexibility and malleability of use could be tactical features which will help competitors come up with concepts! the thought is to experiment with different notions through the appliance and implementation of versatile designs. Taking the present pandemic into consideration, the proposed solutions should explore how we will design public elements which will be utilized by all members of the community. Participants should be imaginative and propose design concepts that not only aid people experiencing homelessness, but also take public spaces to a different level.

Must keep temporary structures in mind
Must keep the homeless population in mind
Must be interactive
Must activate public space
Must keep pandemic restrictions/guidelines in mind

The competition is hospitable students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone curious about showcasing their solution to the difficulty at hand. Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.

1st Prize
Website Publication, Certificate of accomplishment
Exhibition at Miami Center for Architecture and style

2nd Prize:
Website Publication, Certificate of accomplishment
Exhibition at Miami Center for Architecture and style

3rd Prize:
Website Publication, Certificate of accomplishment
Exhibition at Miami Center for Architecture and style

People’s Choice:
Website Publication, Certificate of accomplishment
Exhibition at Miami Center for Architecture and style


Early Registration: January 22 – March 7
Late Registration: March 7 – April 4
Registration Closes: April 4
Design Submittal: April 4
Winners Announced: April 17

After registration and payment are complete, we will send you a confirmation email with your registration number. This is the number that will be used to identify your entry.

Early Registration: $20
Late Registration: $25

Early Registration: $15
Late Registration: $20

Participants must submit a 1 min 30 sec video showcasing your design solution. The intent behind this deliverable is to provide everybody a fair opportunity to tell us about your proposed solution’s best features in a creative, concise, and fun way. The video should cover any information the participants believe explain their project from concept to implementation. It should not include any faces as to keep the judging process fair, but rather any supporting documentation needed to create a strong argument for the proposed design.

The file name of the video must be your registration number. Your submittal email must include your registration number.

All videos must be submitted to: with the subject:
“S000 – Rethinking Public Spaces” by April 4, Midnight- (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

The five shortlisted finalists will be announced on April 11, 2021. Competition winners will be announced on April 17 during the virtual design seminar. All submissions will be available on this website.

All the questions related to the competition can be mailed to us at: with the subject: “FAQ – Rethinking Public Spaces”.

  • Title

    DESIGN X COMMUNITY: Rethinking Public Spaces
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Ideas)
  • Organizers

  • Registration Deadline

    April 04, 2021 11:00 AM
  • Submission Deadline

    April 04, 2021 12:00 PM
  • Price

    $15 – $25

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