Vives St-Laurent creates theatrical children’s boutique in Mont-Tremblant ski resort

Vives St-Laurent creates theatrical children’s boutique in Mont-Tremblant ski resort

Following on from Billie Le Kid‘s first store in Montreal, the brand brought in Vives St-Laurent to create a new outpost that captured the spirit of the brand while reflecting its location.

Storefront of Billie Le Kid Boutique by Vives St-Laurent
Vives St-Laurent designed the interiors for Billie Le Kid’s Mont-Tremblant boutique

Its storefront was designed to resemble a theatre, showcasing the brand’s wholesome edit of children’s clothes, toys and books.

Custom-made awnings recall the idea of a general store, while the front was repainted in a vibrant blue-on-blue palette to reflect Mont-Tremblant’s colourful charter.

Counter and changing room in boutique by Vives St-Laurent
Painted tongue-and-groove panelling adds a touch of nostalgia

Referencing the facade, arched openings throughout the boutique bring a whimsical touch to the transitions between different sections.

Rounded corners soften the edges of the display cabinets, adding character and creating a playful and welcoming atmosphere.

Storage wall in Billie Le Kid Boutique
Integrated display cabinets provide plenty of storage

Bianco Carrara marble was on top of the checkout counter to convey a sense of timeless luxury, while moss-colored velvet changing room curtains reference the theatre concept and bring softness and tactility to the space.

The polished concrete floor was a practical choice, as the low-maintenance material allows skiers to visit the store in their ski boots.

Storage cupboard and counter in store interior by Vives St-Laurent
Bianco Carrara marble covers the store’s counter

Painted tongue-and-groove paneling was added to give the boutique a touch of nostalgia.

“We combined classic and contemporary materials to create a harmonious yet unique ambiance.” Vives St-Laurent’s interior designer Léa Courtadon told Dezeen.

Courtadon said she chose the store’s calming color palette of stone beige and sage green to create “a whimsical mood that recalls the playful world of childhood while maintaining sophistication and ensuring the products stand out”.

Sturdy vintage Canadian furniture draw on the idea of the general store and family home.

Long wooden refectory tables were repurposed as displays for toys and clothing. Adding visual interest while paying homage to the brand’s Canadian heritage.

Moreover, A row of vintage frilled-glass pendant lights creates a feature above the counter.

“The lamps’ rippled globes resemble ballerina tutus, adding a delicate touch to the overall design,” Courtadon said.

Integrated storage in Billie Le Kid Boutique
Rounded corners give the storage units a playful edge

In contrast, the main lighting system with its matt white finish was chosen to blend seamlessly with the store’s ceiling. Also, The railing system allows for precise positioning to highlight different items within the display cabinets.

Vives St-Laurent used baskets for storage to contribute to the nostalgic, homespun aesthetic as well as offering a practical way to store and display plush toys.

Changing room of Billie Le Kid Boutique

“They create an impression of abundance and allow children to interact with the toys, promoting a sense of independence and autonomy,” said Courtadon. “It all contributes to a playful and engaging atmosphere that’s ideal for a kids’ store.”


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