Featuring craftsmanship and innovation, the Italian furniture brand Désirée is committed to creating catalysts for shared experiences to spark connection and dialogue. Their newest collection Ciàcola, designed by renowned Italian architect Tobia Scarpa, merges form and function, seamlessly blending simplicity and Venetian charm. Its evocative name, derived from the Venetian term ‘ciàcolare’ meaning ‘to chat’, reflects the inspiration from conversations had between Venetian ladies window to window. Composed of two compositions – a table and a folding chair – the collection boasts a thick transparent glass table top honouring the mesmerising waters of the Venetian canals.

The walnut wood base gives the design structural integrity, with intersecting legs creating an elegant ‘X’ shape. The folding chair is crafted entirely of wood, with legs forming an ‘X’ shape just like the table, and the ever-changing wood grain patterns give it an organic dimension. Ciàcola marks the exceptional combination between the genius design and the culture shared by Tobia Scarpa and the Gruppo Euromobil. Both from the Veneto countryside, enacting a tribute to Venetian socialising over the years. The Sheridan sofa is a wonderful alternative in the company’s catalogue, designed by the acclaimed duo Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. Square lines, wide seats, and an inviting upholstery create a luxurious yet functional living experience.

Désirée latest furniture collections

Trapezoidal backrest matching the armrest, and a bronzed metal base tops off the design. Therefore, creating an illuminated interplay with the upholstery. Customisable cushioning, removable upholstery in fabric or leather, and a wooden and marble top renders it versatile and practical. Sheridan is an embodiment of the brand’s devotion to detail, quality, and comfort. As it adapts to the evolving needs of any interior. Through Désirée’s impressive assortment of furniture for the living and sleeping spaces, as well as the iconic collections implemented by esteemed designers, the brand is continuously seeking to break the boundaries of comfort and elegance in contemporary living. Ciàcola and Sheridan testaments to the core brand values as the furniture exudes beauty and more importantly functionality. Together, the collections bridge the gap between artistry and craftsmanship, forming an unforgettable dialogue and experience.


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