“Searching for the Glow of the Future”, is the title of the organizational theme,

which Glow Shenzhen 2021 seeks to integrate light art into urban life and unleash the vitality of urban public space.

Daxing Jizi was invited to display their “Dream Glow Pavilion” architectural installation,

at Shenzhen Universiade Center, Longgang Division of Glow Shenzhen.


Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design
Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design

Design Features

The University Center is designed about 990 meters wide from east to west and 1,050 meters long from north to south.

Serving as a major fitness and entertainment venue for the surrounding residents, there are a few small sized structures for the public to relax in.

So the first goal of the design is how to incorporate a fun little space into the huge center.

The designers placed the installation in the central green area of ​​the university center,

and although the green area is not specifically designed for relaxation, the residents considered it a small park.

They come with blankets to enjoy a picnic on the grass, and the kids loved to play on the grass slope.

The goal was to serve the public well by doing, and to add some fun to the children playing in the vicinity.

In addition to creating a comfortable place for people strolling at night,

it can also provide space for small events such as workshops, garden parties and creative markets during the fair.


Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design
Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design

Absolute openness

The designers of the project designed a 360-degree open space, better integrating work into the leisure life of the audience.

Top gently encases an array of 12 colored semi-circular LEDs.

The floor of the wings was connected to the grassy area in a seamless manner,

through careful management of the difference in elevation.

So that citizens who enjoy the landscaped area can easily access the interior of the suites.

The pavilion group forms the focus of attention in the central green area, and after nightfall,

it attracts people from all directions to rest and enjoy the space, like a lighthouse.

The suites are also open in shape with a ramp accessible on one side of the wide floor,

allowing people with prams to easily enter the space.


Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design
Dream Glow Suite by Daxing Jizi Design

Mushrooms and Chinese lanterns

The designers were inspired by the structure of traditional Chinese lanterns for the shape of the wings,

after comprehensive study, they drew on the framework of traditional bamboo lanterns and applied the five traditional Chinese colors.

They are turquoise, soft yellow, violet red, mandarin red and jet black in design.

The designers intended the beautiful circular wings to evoke their beloved traditional Chinese lanterns.

And having the wonderful allure of beautiful creatures in nature, by resembling wild mushrooms from a certain angle.

The designers wanted the material to have a paper-like texture and allow light to penetrate,

so that the wing domes were wrapped in soft, coloured, translucent and matte films.

Their waterproof nature also makes the wings a temporary shelter for rainy days.

During the day, the transmissive material blocks part of the sunlight, ensuring the comfort of the space under the wings.

After sunset, the illuminated pavilions emit a soft, colorful light, making it a prominent public space at night.

The pavilions also provide a place for citizens to interact with light and nature,

a resting space for rest and contemplative relaxation, as well as a natural setting for small events.

On winter days with warm sunshine, people come to the beautiful suites to spend a quiet and enjoyable time.


Personal social networking space

Social media encroaches on our urban lives, so virtual spaces and fragmented information keep us trapped in our rooms.

While the things that bind and hold us together gradually fade into insignificance,

through work, the designers have hoped to provide a multifaceted understanding of how they perceive reality and nature.

It also encourages people to experience real life not only with their eyes, but with their bodies and minds.

They hope to take people’s attention briefly away from the digital devices,

and come to the pavilions to enjoy the subtle changes of light and shade brought by the pavilions and the surrounding trees.

In addition to observing the beautiful surroundings and children playing.

The installation thus provides a space for a personal social connection that seeks to examine,

explore and empower our common future, by taking the relationship between humans and nature as an entry point.



Project information

Project name: Dream Glow Pavilion

Design: Daxing Jizi Design

Commissioned by: Glow Shenzhen 2021 – Longgang

Year: 2021

Area: 270 square meters

Venue: Shenzhen Universiade Center

Chief Designer: ZENG Zhenwei

Design Team: ZENG Zhenwei, XIE Muxi

Structural designer: LIN Chaowei, FANG Feihu

Illustration designer: Xu Yi

General Furniture Designer: E + UV

Construction Team: Shenzhen Mantangcai Engineering Co, Ltd.

Photographers: ZHANG Chao, ZHANG Dalian, Daxing Jizi




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