Harmony in sound and emptiness

Harmony in sound and emptiness,

In late 2019, due to the focus of our team on artistic architectural aspects,

an international architectural course titled Architectural Relationships between Harmony in Voice and Space was affiliated and a constant comparison

has been made between music and architecture, known as “musical measurement”,

a major aspect of pre-modern aesthetics. Although this aspect is lost in the contemporary world,

it can be restored through study.

This lecture and workshop showcase the ancient concept of harmony

and its implementation through a musical scale.

Using this foundation, the relationship between music and architecture will be explored through

the lecture and discussion of topics including audio versus visual perception,

construction in time versus space, ancient and modern approaches to creativity, and others.

Harmony in sound and emptiness

Harmony in sound and emptiness

The lecturer, Professor Gulsin Goodwin, Professor of Music at Colgate University from 1971-2016,

was educated as a musicologist at Cambridge and Cornell Universities.

His numerous writings address the speculative aspects of music,

Western esoteric traditions, Renaissance paganism, eccentric spiritual movements, geopolitical myths,

and material culture. He authored both modern and historical methods,

managing and performing them on various instruments, now primarily the harp.

The relationship between music and architecture,

especially in light of the Quadrivium The factors that focus on specializing in the aspects of the art of the four liberal arts:

  • arithmetic,
  • engineering,
  • music,
  • astronomy.

The workshop included

  • Visual and guide display of harmonic proportions,
  • Scale generation, mood problems,
  • How architecture meets and solves similar problems.
  • How did an architect in the early twentieth century try to incorporate these ideas into his work?

How this study can affect architectural theory and practice?

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