Twisted Brick Shell Library by HCCH Studio

HCCH Studio has crafted a unique pavilion nestled within the farmlands of Longyou County, China. Named the Twisted Brick Shell Library, this structure serves as a multifunctional space where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings or engage in the simple pleasure of reading.

Abstract Form Inspired by Nature

The pavilion’s design draws inspiration from the natural world, with its shell-like structure resembling the organic shapes found in shells. It stands as an abstract, revolving space, enveloping visitors in the vast openness of the field, offering a spiritual shelter amidst the agricultural landscape.

Blending Urban and Rural Elements

Situated between the urban hub of Quzhou and the rural tranquility of Longyou County, the Twisted Brick Shell Library reflects this juxtaposition through its design. The structure comprises two connecting brick hemispheres, symbolizing the intersection of urban and rural life. The use of perforated steel plates and concrete adds an industrial touch, mirroring the nearby town’s architecture.

Semi-Fabricated Construction

In a nod to the area’s evolving urbanization, HCCH Studio employed a semi-fabricated, semi-handmade construction approach. This method not only reflects the reality of the changing landscape but also pays homage to the region’s traditional building techniques.

Integration with the Surroundings

The pavilion’s unique geometry and brick materiality may seem unconventional amidst the agricultural backdrop, yet they harmonize with the local environment. The red soil of the area complements the brickwork, while the shape of the structure creates a striking contrast against the surrounding fields.

A Space for Contemplation and Connection

Inside the pavilion, visitors can find solace and inspiration. A brick bench offers seating, encouraging guests to relax and immerse themselves in the landscape. Acrylic domes inscribed with “visual poetry” by Japanese artist Yoichiro Otani adorn the interior, providing a poetic backdrop for contemplation.

Cultural Workshops and Community Engagement

Beyond its architectural significance, the Twisted Brick Shell Library serves as a hub for cultural activities and community engagement. Artist Shaomin Shen has hosted reading workshops within its walls, fostering a sense of connection and creativity among locals and tourists alike.


With its innovative design and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape, the Twisted Brick Shell Library stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban and rural life. As a space for contemplation, connection, and cultural exchange, it enriches the community and invites visitors to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Photography: Qingyan Zhu


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