Living Village Design Competition

Living Village Design Competition | مسابقة تصميم القرية الحية

Architecture Competition: Living Village Design Competition

The Living Village Design Competition is a collaboration with the SA Housing Authority, Citylab, and the Australian Institute of Architects.

Open to Institute members, this is an exciting opportunity for emerging architects to showcase innovative ideas in the affordable housing space.

A site in Unley, South Australia is being used as an example location to create innovative ideas for mixed-use housing developments that foster the creation of a living village grounded in affordable housing but deeply connected to innovation, environmental sustainability, and the local community they are located in.

The jury

  • Andrew Atkinson – Executive Director, Portfolio Planning and Asset Management, SAHA
  • Erin Crowden – National President, EmAGN
  • Julie Eizenberg – Founding Principal, Koning Eizenberg (California )
  • Laura Harding – Architectural Writer, Hill Thalis Architects
  • Jeremy McLeod – Director, Breathe Architecture
  • Peter Tsokas – CEO, City of Unley
  • Shannon Battisson – President-Elect, Australian Institute of Architects.

The prize

First prize: $20,000 Second prize: $10,000 Third prize: $5,000


Entrants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • be a member of the Institute;
  • be within 15 years of graduation from the AACA Accredited Master of Architecture degree (or equivalent);
  • have first been registered as an architect anywhere in Australia not more than 10 years ago; and
  • must be currently registered, or eligible to be registered, with any of the Architect Registration Boards in Australia.

Entrants may collaborate with a more experienced Institute member to complete their submission, however, the authorized representative must meet the requirements of eligibility.

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