Manhattan tower design with cantilevered upper floors

Manhattan tower design with cantilevered upper floors,

A condominium with cantilevered lofts is set to be built on Manhattan’s Upper West Side,

as the designs for the building were released by the U.S. Bureau of Official Development Assistance Center Office of Architecture.

The residential building will consist of 20 floors, comprising 57 residential units, each containing two to five bedrooms,

and covering 136,639 square feet (126,94 square metres).

The design center of the building, called Era,

is the footprint that will increase from small to large as the upper floors of the building cantilever outward at each higher level.

The project is expected to be completely completed by next fall, and the height of the building is about 250 feet (76 meters).

New York-based ODA has chosen 251 West 91st Street, as the site for this outstanding construction.

The design of the cantilevered structure will allow the building to provide more space with height, creating more common spaces on the roof.

Era will also feature a rooftop pool that will overlook the Hudson River,

and other public areas built for the building’s residents will include a fitness center and yoga studio.

In addition, the building will contain a library, hall,

and children’s playroom, so that it will be an integrated residential building.


 Manhattan tower design with cantilevered upper floors


External features of Era. Design

The designers chose travertine to surround the large windows that cover the facades,

while the balconies will be grouped together at different corners of the building protruding.

The deep windows with elegant and timeless columns will blend seamlessly with the surroundings,

and with careful revision the windows will be much larger than average for the area.

This will provide more natural light in the space and open the building to the surrounding views,

as explained by the ODA Center’s Office of Architecture.

The interiors will aim to replicate the shapes and angles found across the exterior,

creating cohesion across the project.

The Era Tower will represent a new addition to Manhattan’s Upper West Side district,

and is considered one of the buildings designed in New York by the ODA Center of Architecture, founded in 2007.


 Manhattan tower design with cantilevered upper floors


ODA Projects in New York

The ODA Office of Architecture has completed construction of a concrete apartment building,

located in Brooklyn, consisting of irregularly stacked boxes.

Another condominium on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is built on an area that doubles the size of the ground floor when we reach the top floor.

The Office of Architecture, with ODA, had proposed a plan to redevelop New York that would allow developers to build higher and convert private yards into public plazas.


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