Moore & Giles Masters The Art of Ultimate Luxury

The luxurious pieces of this line effortlessly integrate into upscale projects and achieve a perfect balance of softness and opulence—the epitome of quiet luxury that is so on-trend. “Each is an artful fusion of sensation and craftsmanship, kindling an enduring love affair with these materials,” says Erica Kerns, VP of Merchandising at Moore & Giles. “Suede, with its velvety nap and gentle resistance, naturally absorbs and reflects light, creating depth and richness.” Specifically for this lifestyle collection, the leather maker expertly crafts high-end furniture using sumptuous materials like suede, nubuck, and shearling.

“Shearling is a design workhorse that is a dream on frames and creative applications. Or simply used on its own, draped over chairs or sprawled near a bedside.” Kerns adds that the versatility of these textures is sometimes misunderstood as only being cold-weather materials. However, she explains, “shearling creates thermoregulation, allowing for optimal body temperature in any season—a testament to nature’s ingenious design.” Moore & Giles’ carefully curated collection of suede, nubuck, and shearling leather is designed to cater to the most discriminating residential designers.

The hand-crafted Percival side chair, for instance, exudes both style and substance with an exposed, elegantly curved walnut frame and a spacious, well-cushioned seat built for longevity.

Topping Percival’s vegetable-tanned leather seat and back cushion with a lush Shearling Chair Cap offers refined comfort and textural composition, as well as enhancing the spatial aesthetic. “The tactile qualities of these materials invite interaction and touch, which enhance the sensory experience of the space,” Kerns offers. “The natural variations add depth and character, exuding a sense of understated luxury,” she adds.

“It effortlessly harmonizes with a variety of interior styles, naturally creating an air of sophistication. It is the embodiment of discernment—the perfect mix of meticulous craftsmanship, graceful lines, and sumptuous nubuck. Moreover, It is a faithful companion for generations to come,” the spokesperson says of her most beloved chair. It is a work of art and a natural fit for upscale interiors.

The question of whether using these tactile leathers in furniture is practical arises. Because they have a luxurious feel that begs to be felt. However, Kerns reassures us that these materials are not too delicate to handle wear and tear. “While there is an inherent feeling of fragility,” she acknowledges, “these materials are incredibly resilient, aging gracefully and beautifully—and over time, bearing witness to a life well lived.”


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